Jun 30, 2014

Six Brothers (Gypsy Brothers, #2) by Lili St. Germain

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New Adult

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I have lied.

I have cheated.

I have given my body and my life to the man who destroyed my family and left me for dead.

I have killed, I have sinned, and worst of all, I have enjoyed the misery of others.

I have licked the salty tears of a father mourning his firstborn son, and nothing has ever tasted so sweet.

I have died, and I have been resurrected, a phoenix from the ashes.

I know I’m going to hell. I’ll burn in the fiery pits alongside Dornan and his sons for the things I’ve done, and for the things I’m about to do.

But I don’t care. It will be worth every lick of the devils flames on my guilty flesh to destroy Dornan Ross.

One down, six to go.



"Some people would call me a whore. A girl who sold her soul to the devil.
Who let him inside her, with no remorse.
Who danced with the monster who destroyed everything.
To those people, I say only this:
I didn't have to sell Dornan Ross my soul. He already owned it.
And once I've killed him, maybe I can get it back."

I saw a lot of potential in this series after I read the 1st book- Seven Sons (Gypsy Brothers, #1), even though I had my doubts about the direction of the story, because after the 1st one I was aware that the author isn't afraid to take risks and take the story in directions some readers won't be comfortable with, including me, BUT my worries were unnecessary. Damn, what a story! This installation won me over completely!

The story picks up after the ending of the first one and continues in its dark, gripping, twisted, edgy & deeply emotional tone. Julie a.k.a Sammie is at it again. She had her first dose of revenge and now she is high on victory and determined more than ever to draw the last drop of blood from the Dornan Ross's family, even if the price is what's left of her broken soul. Playing Dornan's little submissive puppet and pretending to enjoy his sick games is getting harder and more dangerous with every next day. She is starting to lose herself in her character of Sammie, the only wake-up call being her once true love Jase, but she's not willing to give up her chosen path of destruction, not even for him.

And for the record- I'm totally with her on that. You can't go through something like that and pretend that nothing happened. Yes, I questioned her sanity more than once after the things she did in order to get what she wanted and I'm still not happy with the plan she made, but on the other hand I also liked it, because it made the story more unique and unpredictable. And what about Jase? How could he stay there after everything that happened? I'm still conflicted about him. Sometimes I even think that she should have stayed with Elliot, but then again, not even he was strong enough to deal with the shit she went through. At the end of the day she is all on her own, with no one to lean on except herself, so she should be her No.1 priority.

The ending was...priceless!!!

Lily St. Germain, respect! You got yourself a new fan. I highly recommend this book to the fans of the show Revenge and fans of dark reads in general ;).

"Today, I'll give my blood for him, and one day soon, he'll give his blood for me."



  1. Oh boy! Another series I must read!

    1. Hope you're gonna like them if you decide to read them, this is pretty dark ;)

  2. A dark NA book! How interesting. You got my attention. Thank you for putting this on my radar. I have to check the first boo out :)

  3. Welcome :). It's really good!


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