About Us

Mirror, mirror on the wall
who's the perviest of them all?
Mirror, mirror on the wall,
show the kinkiest among them all!

      Way Too Hot Books is blog dedicated to sexy, steamy romance novels and gathers five (if you allow us to say so) amazing girls who live too far from each other: Glass (aka Boss with a Whip), Red, Iva, PurpleBook & Beatrix (Click on names to see our blogger profiles.) They are students, teachers, school board members and, most important thing of all, book lovers.
      Women of Way Too Hot Books blog met on Goodreads and through the last year or two learned that we're different in many ways but similar in the most important ones.You'll often find us obsessing over certain heroes and discussing their relationship with heroines (not just the sexual one, mind you) and, even though we all like other genres of books, erotic romance – sometimes with a taste of kinkiness, is what we love the best.
      We are happy that you decided to  visit our blog and we hope that you'll come back again.
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