Nov 26, 2014

ARC REVIEW: Love, Lies and Deception by L. P. Dover

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Contemporary Romance

Summary on Goodreads:

What do you do when the one person you thought you knew turns out to be the one you knew the least?

Twenty-three year old Marissa Chase, and soon to be college graduate, has everything going for her: wonderful friends, a lucrative degree, and a chance to explore the world. What made it even better – or so she thought – was when her path crossed with the alluring Alec Holden. Unable to stay away from him, Marissa experiences a love like no other, and falls into his world of passion and intrigue. However, things begin to shift when this path takes a deadly turn.

Her trust is put to the test when hidden dangers unfold before her, revealing secrets that have been buried for years. Secrets that were meant to stay hidden. Murder, lies, and betrayal … will Marissa figure it all out in time and escape with her life intact, or will she be too late and fall into the trap of deception?



Arc provided via Netgalley in exchange for honest review

I tried, I really did, but reading this book was a true struggle from page 1. I sensed after a few first chapters that this story won't be something I'll enjoy and unfortunately, in the end, my predictions came true. 

Reasons for my rating:

~ The Plot

This is a contemporary romance mixed with some mystery/crime and I think the idea of the plot had potential, but it was poorly developed. The story seemed monotonous, especially the romance part. It was rushed and lacked sparks and there were too many repetitive sex scenes which didn't leave enough place for the anticlimactic mystery which developed and concluded too quickly in my opinion. The writing was also too plain for my liking. It didn't evoke any emotions in me and I would say it is need of a good editor.

~ The characters

The characters had too may immature, naive and annoying outbreaks and I just couldn't connect or care for them at all.

~ Love Triangle

Oh, the curse and the melodrama of the (in)famous love triangles! I usually avoid stories with love triangles, mostly because I can't handle (read: stand) the melodrama they result in, but I may occasionally cave in if the book is written by one of my favorite authors or if I'm really intrigued by the synopsis.

The love triangle of this story is yet again something that was in my opinion poorly done. I felt that Marissa's relationships with both male characters lacked sparks and true connection. One was based on sex and the other one on friendship and for me both felt forced. The girl claims that she is in love with one guy and the next day she is sleeping with the other one. Yes- it must be true love! *eye-roll* And I don't think that any guy, at least any REAL man would forgive so easily or at all the things she's done while in a relationship. I would have dumped her long time ago!

~ The Ending

I meant to rate it with 2 stars, but the rushed, poorly developed and incredulous ending decided it for me. That's all I'm going to say.

All in all, in spite of my effort, this book just wasn't for me. I think that it's more suitable for readers beginners or in general readers who don't read as much as I do. Considering all the books I read so far I don't mean to be offensive, but I don't feel it deserves more stars. Read it and decide for yourself!


Nov 23, 2014

ARC Review - The King by Tiffany Reisz

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Release date: November 25th 2014 by Harlequin 

My rating: 5 stars

Book summary:

"Cunning. Sex. Pure nerve. Only this unholy threesome can raise him to his rightful place as a rule of Manhattan's kink kingdom.

Bouncing from bed to bed on the Upper East Side, Kingsley Edge is brilliant, beautiful and utterly debauched. No carnal act of chemical compound can relieve his self-destructive heartache—only Søren, the one person he loves without limit or regret. A man he can never have, but in whose hands Kingsley is reborn to attain even greater heights of sin.

Kingsley's plan to open the ultimate BDSM club—a dungeon playground for New York's A-list—becomes his obsession. His expertise in domination can't subdue the one man who wants to stop him. The enigmatic Reverend Fuller won't rest until King's dream is destroyed, and so the battle lines are set; it's one man's sacred mission against another's…"
Long live the king!

      To be completely honest, I wasn't entirely sold on the idea about prequel series for The Original Sinners. I was all: "What is there more to tell?" Well, I am not an stubborn idiot, so I can admit when I am wrong. So, here it is - I was wrong. (I am sorry, my dearest Mistress Tiffany, for doubting your decisions.)

      Second novel in the White Years series brings us story about the one and only Kingsley Edge, my absolutely favorite character. I love him even more than Nora and, trust me, that is saying something, because I would totally turn into lesbian because of Nora. What makes this book fresh and so "unputdownable" is that it is not just The Prince all over again, but set into different decade. Tiffany Reisz introduces us to rarely seen version of Kingsley, man who we first meet as one of the most intimidating and influential and powerful people in New York. This is Kingsley before he became King. Or how he became master of his kinky universe. He is far from that polished bastard, but everything we love about him is there. He just needed a little bit of help to find his inner ruler. 

      There is absolutely no one among authors of the genre that manages to write captivating erotic story but without obvious, pornographic elements like Tiffany Reisz. Truthfully, this is probably the tamer book so far when it comes to the steamy scenes, but she still manages to pull you into this web of lust and wanting and longing so painful and heartbreaking, that you feel everything like it is happening to you.

      My favorite part about The King is interaction between Soren and  Kingsley. I wasn't Soren's fan in the beginning - actually, he scared me, but I still felt drawn to him. I didn't like him with Nora, but with Kingsley... Oh, my God, I turned into this creature that acts like One Direction groupie. Totally crazy! I adore them together. 

      Next book, The Virgin, should be published next year in March and I am already anxious to get my hands on it. Nora in convent? I can only imagine what sinful twists and turns will fill pages of that book. 

*Copy of this book was provided by publisher, Harlequin, via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.*

Nov 22, 2014

ARC Review - Lovely Wild by Megan Hart

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My rating: 5 stars

Book summary: 

"Brought up in the savage captivity of her unstable grandmother's rural Pennsylvania home, Mari Calder once yearned for rescue. Now she struggles every day to function as an adult in the confines of normal society. Left with only a foggy recollection of her childhood, she's consumed with being a dutiful wife to her husband, Ryan, and mother to their two children.

But an unexpected twist of events returns her to that long-forgotten house in the woods. Soon, Mari is greeted with reminders of a past life, the clarified memories only inviting a new level of strangeness into her fragile world. To protect her family, she must find the beautiful, powerful strength hidden in her inner chaos. Because someone is bent on exploiting Mari's trauma, and as normal and wild begin to blend, a string of devastating truths force Mari to question all she thought she knew."


      You had me at book summary. There are only two women with ability to leave me in state of infinite haze and awe for days after I read the last page of their books - Melina Marchetta and Megan Hart. I knew that Lovely Wild will be something special. I knew that no matter the fact that I was prepared for to be surprised, she will still manage to make me speechless.

      First, I would like to warn you not expect something similar to Broken or Tempted. If you would ask me which genre is this, I would have no clue how to answer that question. Megan Hart did not write romance or erotica, there are elements of suspense and mystery. Family drama? Woman's fiction? Easiest ways is to read it and make conclusions by yourself. In the end, why do we even have to label things? That is what makes Lovely Wild special - it eludes all generalizations and cliches, it refuses to be described as only one thing.

      Still, Megan Hart stayed faithful to herself and just like it was a case with her previous novels, main focus is on strong female characters. Told from the perspective of wife, daughter and husband, Lovely Wild deals with murky and complicated subject of human mind and psychology. What is it that makes us humans? Where is that line that divides us from animal behavior? Would you be able to learn language if you were isolated from the rest of the people? How do we raise our children? What is it that we teach them? And how much sins of our parents define us?

      Captivating story and masterful narration, something that you can always expect from Megan Hart, combined with family and emotional drama are just few of the reasons not to miss Lovely Wild.

*Copy of the book was provided by publisher, Harlequin, via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.*

Nov 19, 2014

Waiting on Wednesday #18

Waiting on Wednesday is weekly meme hosted by Breaking the Spine. Goal is to connect bloggers and readers trough their most anticipated upcoming reads. So, here is what we on Way Too Hot Books can not wait to grab.

Where Sea Meets Sky by Karina Halle

 "Joshua Miles has spent his early twenties spinning his wheels. Working dead-end jobs and living at home has left him exhausted and uninspired, with little energy to pursue his passion for graphic art. Until he meets Gemma Henare, a vivacious out-of-towner from New Zealand. What begins as a one-night stand soon becomes a turning point for Josh. He can't get Gemma out of his head, even after she has left for home, and finds himself throwing caution to the wind for the first time in his life.

It's not long before Josh is headed to New Zealand with only a backpack, some cash, and Gemma's name to go on. But when he finally tracks her down, he finds his adventure is only just beginning. Equally infatuated, Gemma leads him on a whirlwind tour across the beautiful country, opening Josh up to life, lust, love, and all the messy heartache in between. Because, when love drags you somewhere, it might never let go even when you know you have to say goodbye."

Expected publication date March 1st 2015
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Nov 18, 2014

Burn for Me (Hidden Legacy, #1) by Ilona Andrews

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Fantasy/ Paranormal Romance

Summary on Goodreads:

#1 New York Times bestselling author Ilona Andrews launches a brand new Hidden Legacy series, in which one woman must place her trust in a seductive, dangerous man who sets off an even more dangerous desire…

Nevada Baylor is faced with the most challenging case of her detective career—a suicide mission to bring in a suspect in a volatile case. Nevada isn’t sure she has the chops. Her quarry is a Prime, the highest rank of magic user, who can set anyone and anything on fire.

Then she’s kidnapped by Connor “Mad” Rogan—a darkly tempting billionaire with equally devastating powers. Torn between wanting to run or surrender to their overwhelming attraction, Nevada must join forces with Rogan to stay alive.

Rogan’s after the same target, so he needs Nevada. But she’s getting under his skin, making him care about someone other than himself for a change. And, as Rogan has learned, love can be as perilous as death, especially in the magic world.



"I am fire. Burn for me."

Ilona Andrews did it again!!! They have managed yet again to create an interesting, imaginative and compelling fantasy world this time with mages as the leading characters.

Here's the short, spoiler-free intro: A long time ago the scientist discovered a serum which awoke different types of magic talents in humans. These magic talents were passed on genetically what resulted in birth of different families with powerful hereditary magic and all of a sudden the world became a constant battlefield for wealth and power. The main character of this story is a 25 year old PI Nevada Baylor who's been running her family business- Baylor Investigative Agency since her father's death. Things were going okay for Nevada, the business was as usual- they weren't getting rich any time soon, but at least she was earning enough to keep providing for her family, but then, one day she gets a call from the company who owns their business which soon enough turns to be a life-changing event.

All her life she's been dealing with cases no bigger than discovering love affairs of unfaithful husbands and the next thing she knows she finds herself thrown in one highly dangerous and risky game with "the big boys" called the Primes, the most powerful and wealthiest magic users. On her life/death adventure she is forced to partner with one of the most powerful Primes who is also the main male character of this story- the uber-powerful, dangerous, almost ruthless, but sexy as hell head of the House Rogan- Connor Rogan a.k.a Mad Rogan. And that's all I'm gonna share with you about the plot.

Gripping, action-packed, thrilling, fun and adventurous read with a lot of sexual frustration tension in-between.

Add to that awesome MCs and both secondary characters. We get most of the story from Nevada's pov and she was a true kick-ass heroine- brave, fun and compassionate. She always speaks her mind and she is very protective of her family. One fierce woman who never backs off, not even when dealing with one of the Primes, worldwide (in)famous for his destructive power- Mad Rogan. Oh my... That guy was...intense and sometimes in a quite scary and disturbing way, but that only added to his appeal in my case, lol, because I prefer my MCs to be a little edgy. Mad Rogan could potentially end up being the next Jerricho Barrons (Fever Series by K. M. Moning) with that who's your daddy attitude.

“So instead of talking to me, asking for my credentials, or doing any of those things a normal person would do, you decided to assault me and chain me in your basement?”
He shrugged, a slow, deliberate movement. “It seemed like the most expedient way to obtain the information. And let’s be honest, you weren’t exactly harmed. I even took you home.”
“You dumped me on my doorstep. According to my mother, I looked half dead.”
“Your mother exaggerates. A third dead at most.”

The chemistry between them was off the charts resulting in a few pretty steamy make out sessions, but Nevada refuses to be just another x on his list of conquered challenges, so Mad Rogan will have to work for it and we'll just have to sit back and enjoy watching him ;). From the secondary characters I loved Nevada's family, especially her 72 year old grandma who was hilarious and whose choice when taking pictures I totally support.

"Nothing existed in the ascent. It was a place of magic and power,
but completely empty. He entered it to access the apex of his power,
but within it there was no joy or sadness. No cold, no warmth, 
only serenity. It was a prison and a palace all in one.
And then he had felt her. She was warm and golden and
she tore through the sterility of ascent and reached for him. 
She kissed him and as she shared all of her fears and wants, 
he felt alive."

All in all- 4 awesome, I-can't-wait-for-the-next-book stars, because while this was definitely a great and very promising start to the new fantasy series, their latest installment in the Kate Daniels series- Magic Breaks (Kate Daniels, #7) was magnificent. Highly recommended to every fantasy/ paranormal romance fan out there! You just can't go wrong when it comes to these two authors.

"And now you're a Prime without a cause."
"Yes. Most things are not a challenge." He leaned forward,
focusing on me. "When I find a challenge, I devote myself to it."


Nov 17, 2014

Review: END OF THE INNOCENCE (Innocence, #3) by Alessandra Torre

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Book summary:

He thought I owned him. He thought he loved me, that I was enough. But this animal, this sex god who could drive me crazy and steal my heart in the same breath, he would never fully be mine. It was impossible. No one ever owned a God…

One year. I have one year to find out more about this man I am marrying. More about his family. More about our sex, and all of the dirty, delicious places it will take me.

I thought I’d spend this year making a decision. I never thought the decision would be taken from me, snatched right from my naive little hands.

 My rating:  

My review:


End of the Innocence covers the year Brad and Julia spent as a happy, engaged couple who had sex a lot (sometimes with other people included), ate, and were very happy and in love while planners dealt with the wedding preparations. Basically, it was about how everything was great in their lives. And while I do like fictional characters to be happy, I prefer they did their happy thing off pages, because for me that just isn't an interesting read. Sure, in between those long parts with them having sex or planning it, there were hints that something bad would happen; the book actually starts with Julia in some kind of trouble, but to me it lacked suspense. There were several things that could have caused some conflict, but all of them were resolved quickly, which was very anticlimactic. Julia's stalkerish ex-fiancé Luke seemed like someone who was about to stir up trouble, but simply fell out of the picture. Alexis, Brad's occasional lover, seemed determined to not let go of Brad at any cost--also fell out of the picture, forgotten. I don't understand why her POV was even in the book when it didn't lead anywhere. It even seemed like something would break between Julia and one of her best friends. That, too, resolved itself. And the biggest threat, Brad's mafia father, just went meh, I give up.

Honestly, I found this book to be about how Brad is every straight woman's (wet) dream. He was always so supportive of Julia, understanding, eager to please her in and out of the bedroom, give her everything she could wish for, do what she wanted him to do. He was, essentially, the opposite of those overbearing, possessive alpha jerks. Everyone was talking about how he was a control freak who always wanted everything to be controlled by him and him alone, but I did not get that impression at all. If anything, he seemed to be under control of women in his life. Julia was running their relationship, his secretaries took care of that at work (Rebecca seemed to have a great influence), his friend (whose name I forgot) was running the club the owned, Martha, his housekeeper, had him under her thumb at home... For a control freak he seemed way too comfortable with giving control to other people. I am in no way saying that's a bad thing, but it's weird that so many characters referred to him like that. Also, they were amazed that someone managed to "tame" the wild Brad de Luca. I must be missing something, because of the two main characters, I found Brad to be the sweet, tame one, and Julia the wild one.

Julia was a bit confusing. She adapted to living in Brad's life so well, but then again it's not hard to get used to good things in life. What was confusing is how someone who stands up to a mob boss, almost falls apart when some co-workers say something bad about her engagement. Oh, and at the end she appeared to have superstrength.

If you read this book, you'll find yourself jealous of Julia's life of pampering, massages with happy endings, shopping, a lovable fiancé who's hot and great in bed, willing to do anything she wished. Yes, there are many reasons to envy Julia.

I'd recommend this series to readers who are looking for a stress-free romance with a lot of sex, and readers who don't want to worry about something bad happening to the main characters at any time. A few things do fall under those "bad things", but their effect is small, and for the most part this really is a everything-sunny-all-the-time-always series.



Nov 15, 2014

Review: REASON ENOUGH by Megan Hart

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Book summary:

Elle and Dan haven't quite achieved their goal of having sex in every room of their new house--but "almost!" Marriage hasn't dampened their hunger for one another in the least, and their relationship is as hot and passionate as ever. But when Dan brings up the subject of having a baby together, Elle finds herself conflicted. Between her dysfunctional family background and her fear of how a baby might change their life together, Elle's not sure she's ready for the big step. Dan doesn't bring the subject up again, but the issue takes hold in Elle's mind. And as their frequent lovemaking sizzles with unquenchable desire, Elle's heart is filled to the brim with love and the longing to give Dan "everything."

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 My rating: ✮✮✮✮

My review:

He thought he was lucky. I was the lucky one, though. Lucky I’d found him, and that he loved me.
Luckier I loved him back.

Dirty was one of the first books by Megan Hart I read, and it remains as one of my favorites. Elle and Dan's story pulled at my heartstrings like few did. Despite the ending Dirty had, even despite seeing them in Broken, I was left wondering if they really did find their happily ever after. After everything that happened with them in Dirty, how could I not? This is why I love the fact that Megan makes these "old" characters reappear in newer books. That way I got to see Elle and Dan not only in Broken, but Stranger and Naked, too. Timelinewise Reason Enough would come between Broken and Stranger.

The cameos of Elle and Dan were nice, but having them as main stars again is much better. Given that Reason Enough is a part of Spice Briefs, you can guess it's pretty spicy, and I can tell you you guessed right. For so few pages, there are quite a few hot scenes. What else could you expect from Dan and Elle, really? But even with the page shortage, and abundance of nakedness, this still managed to pull those heartstrings.

Elle was deciding about having a baby, and given the history of her family, and so many issues she had that was not an easy decision. Her mother issues were at the front. Of course. Oh, that woman just rubs me the wrong way. Always has, always will, but it was good seeing some improvement.

Best of all was reading about a happier Elle. Finally.

And I can't believe it, but even a story this short made me cry. I don't know why I'm surprised--this is Megan Hart we're talking about. Still, I thought her Spice Briefs story would spare my tear ducts. Silly me. But I forgive her.

All in all, a great follow-up on Dan and Elle, and a must-read for anyone who read and liked Dirty.


Nov 13, 2014

ARC REVIEW: Beneath the Surface (Reluctance, #1) by M. A. Stacie

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Contemporary Romance/ New Adult

Summary on Goodreads:

Kyran Reese is a man in control. Driven when it comes to work, focused when it comes to play. From his office to the chalk circle of the bare-knuckle boxing ring, his only thought is to win. That thirst heightens when Dale Porter enters his life. His brother’s assistant should be off limits, but her witty comments and sarcastic comebacks have him desperate to get her between the sheets.

When Dale agrees to Kyran’s relationship stipulation of no labels she’s sucked into a whirlwind of lust, money, and underground boxing. Dale fights her growing affection, trying to hide it when the world around them spirals out of control. All too soon she realizes she can’t hide her true feelings any longer.

Has Kyran finally met his match? Could playing to win mean playing for keeps?



Arc provided via Netgalley in exchange for honest review

I was excited about reading this book and I won't pretend that the main reason for that wasn't the mention of a male hero being a boxer, because it was, but unfortunately, overall in the end the story fell flat.

The reasons for my rating:

1. The Plot

“I have fucked you. Numerous times, in fact. We will continue to do so because, seriously, Dale, it’s amazing....Now, get on the floor. I need to feel you wrapped around my dick. Now.”

Drama, sex, drama, sex, drama, sex, drama and so on and on... That about sums it up. The story failed to grab me from the very beginning and it barely improved through the rest of it. The beginning was shaky. The story starts with the awkward and quite unbelievable job interview when the MCs meet for the 1st time which turns into insta-lust and soon enough into "push & pull", no strings attached relationship rich on sex and unnecessary drama. Aside some emotional moments involving family problems, the story and both the characters lacked depth in my opinion.

2. The MCs

"What are we doing Kyran?"

Both of the MCs weren't the type of characters I prefer reading about. I found them annoying, shallow and reckless through the most of the book. They are supposedly in their middle twenties, but they acted more like teenagers. Kyran- being the typical dark, misunderstood and manipulative alpha male sending mixed signals til' the very end of the story and Dale chasing after him like a lovesick puppy and constantly questioning: "What are we???"  If I were her I would have given up on him long time ago.

~ Who should read this book:

- readers who want a light read with a lot of sex  and "push & pull" drama
- fans who like their male heroes dominant, cocky, pushy, controlling and ready to bolt whenever there's mention of any real commitment and heroines who will put up with it all, because- hey, he's so good in the sack!

I don't like writing bad reviews, but I have to stay true to myself and this is how I felt. We all have our reading preferences, so read it and decide for yourself!


Nov 12, 2014

Waiting on Wednesday #17

Waiting on Wednesday is weekly meme hosted by Breaking the Spine. Goal is to connect bloggers and readers trough their most anticipated upcoming reads. So, here is what we on Way Too Hot Books can not wait to grab.

Chasing the Tide by A. Meredith Walters

 "Bully and Victim

Friend and Lover

Past and Future

Ellie McCallum and Flynn Hendrick’s story was as painful as it was devastating. But they were able to find within each other an unlikely yet beautiful love. Despite the obstacles that tried to keep them apart.

And together they rose out of the ashes of their tragic history.

Now years after their life changing reunion Ellie is back in Wellston, having just graduated from college and ready to start her future with the man who taught her how to love. However, returning to a town that held so much bitterness and anger was the last place she wanted to start over.

But for Flynn, who is now an art professor at the community college and firmly rooted in the place that gave them their beginning, she’d do just about anything.

Yet it’s difficult building a life when you’ve only just learned how to live.
And love, no matter how strong, doesn’t always conquer all.

Ellie and Flynn must learn how far they are willing to go to stay together. Or whether the ghosts of the past will consume them both.

Because finding a happily ever after is harder than it seems. Particularly when you’re fighting against the one thing that could destroy you.


Expected publication date: December 2014

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Nov 11, 2014

Rack & Ruin (Thirds, #3) by Charlie Cochet

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Author's Page:

MM Paranormal Romance/ Mystery-Crime


New York City’s streets are more dangerous than ever with the leaderless Order of Adrasteia and the Ikelos Coalition, a newly immerged Therian group, at war. Innocent civilians are caught in the crossfire and although the THIRDS round up more and more members of the Order in the hopes of keeping the volatile group from reorganizing, the members of the Coalition continue to escape and wreak havoc in the name of vigilante justice. 

Worse yet, someone inside the THIRDS has been feeding the Coalition information. It’s up to Destructive Delta to draw out the mole and put an end to the war before anyone else gets hurt. But to get the job done, the team will have to work through the aftereffects of the Therian Youth Center bombing. A skirmish with Coalition members leads Agent Dexter J. Daley to a shocking discovery and suddenly it becomes clear that the random violence isn’t so random. There’s more going on than Dex and Sloane originally believed, and their fiery partnership is put to the test. As the case takes an explosive turn, Dex and Sloane are in danger of losing more than their relationship.

*** Add on GOODREADS ***



Addicted. Yup, I'm totally and irrevocably addicted when it comes to this mm paranormal romance series. I loved the first two books and this 3d installment definitely didn't disappoint.

Action-packed, thrilling, super-fun, emotional & way too hot. 

~ The things I loved about this book the most:

~ Dex

Oh, the adorable, witty, geeky, bad-ass Thirds agent- Dexter J. Daley. He was and remains the main reason I'm reading this series. Love that guy!

~ Dex & Sloane

Dex' & Sloane's relationship is making huge progress. They are getting closer and closer and what's most important Sloane is finally taking a leap and opening up. The emotional parts with them two are one of my fav parts of the book.

And yes- I totally blame Charlie Cochet for putting images of Joe Manganiello (as Sloane) getting it on with Chris Pine (as Dex) and not being jealous at all, but- two words: hotness overload! She started it all with her perfect casting for this series and now there's no turning back for me.

"You're hopeless."
"I'm also nonrefundable."
"Surely there's a return policy."
"Forget it. You're past the thirty-day refund period. 
You're stuck with me now.
And before you ask, I'm also nontransferable and nonexchangeable. If you donate me to charity there's no tax write-off because technically that would be considered Human trafficking."
"Wow. You've got your bases covered."
"You bet. Should have paid more attention to the Dexter J. Daley boyfriend agreement."

~ Cael & Ash

These two were so frustrating at times and at other times they were breaking my heart with every next page, but I know that it will all be worth it in the end. Can't freaking wait for their story, I just hope the author doesn't pull a J.R. Ward on us and make us wait a century for  it like Ward did with her Lover at Last (BBB, #11).

And the ending and that damn, nerv-racking cliffhanger? No, I'm not mad at you Charlie, because I know for sure that the next book will be again with Dex & Sloane as the MCs, so except the excruciating waiting, everything is good.

I highly recommend this series to every mm paranormal romance fan out there. Read it and meet the awesome Thirds!

"You don't have to run any more," Dex murmured, his fingers lacing with Sloane's.
"Stay. Right here with me."

~~ My review of Book #1 & Book 2# in The Thirds Series

~ Follow the awesome Rack & Ruin Blog Tour and participate in the amazing give-away!


Nov 10, 2014

ARC REVIEW: Crescendo (Songs Of the Fallen, #2) by Rachel Haimowitz

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Author's Page:

Fantasy/ MM Romance

Summary on Goodreads:

Bridging the hatred of centuries did not come easy for Freyrík Farr and Ayden Vaska. As prince of a war-torn human province, Freyrík could ill afford to fall for an enemy. And Ayden, an elven warrior with three hundred years of bitterness in his heart, wanted no part of love. Yet they came together despite themselves and the wills of their peoples, joining hearts and minds to fight a race of Dark Beasts threatening the extinction of mankind.

Yet the Dark Beast threat pales beside the dangers of a summons to the human High Court, home of the Aegis Exalted and the harshest test yet of Ayden’s and Freyrík’s fledgling love.

When the Aegis strips Ayden of his magic, Freyrík is forced to choose between his love for elf, Aegis, and king, all the while seeking the one uncertain path that might save his doomed race. Time is fast running out for mankind, and only by making peace amongst themselves and with their ancient elven enemies can they end the Dark war—and undo the tragedy that’s plagued humans, elves, and Dark Beasts alike for the last three hundred years.

(This title is a lightly revised second edition of Crescendo, previously released with a different press.)



Arc provided via Netgalley in exchange for honest review

"...and suddenly it didn't matter that their songs couldn't twine when their bodies and hearts and minds fit so perfectly, harmonized so exquisitely well. He hung in the moment, a perfect crescendo, and wanted for absolutely nothing."

Crescendo - A steady increase in intensity or force; a gradual increase in the loudness of a sound or section of music.

The 2nd and the final installment in the Songs of the Fallen series had everything I felt the 1st was missing- My Review- Counterpoint (SotF, #1) by R. Haimowitz. I liked the 1st book in the series a lot, but I wished that there had been more in-depth building of the fantasy world and less of the war strategies and this time to my delight we get that and much more.

The 2nd book continues right after the ending of the first one and that worrisome cliffhanger. Freyrik & Ayden are being taken to see the Aegis, Freyrik's king who heard about Freyrik's victory and infatuation with the beautiful elf slave and doesn't seem so pleased with the fact that Freyrik kept Ayden hidden from him, but there's also a hidden purpose to it all about which they find out from the Aegis himself later on. After their arrival Freyrik & Ayden get separated and forced to get involved in the ruthless and corrupting politics of the court which puts again their love, life and possible future together on test and what's even worse they take away from Ayden the one thing he always could rely on, the core of his being- his magic.

"Deaf...No. Worse than deaf. For all the beauty in the world's music had been shattered, stripped away, leaving only this broken wailing wrong in its place."

The fantasy fans will be in for a treat with this installment, because the author truly did her best when it comes to creating a unique and interesting fantasy world. We get to meet both sides of the courts- the human's and the elven's, their politics and their background and in the end we finally find out what really had happened between their ancestors in the past and made humans and elves sworn enemies. In a magical world of lies, secrets, betrayals can something so pure as love survive? 

The story was dark, thrilling, heart-wrenching with some steamy scenes inbetweenI liked Freyrik a lot, but Ayden has stolen the hit spot yet again and remains my favorite character in this series. Whereas he did have a few spoiled and immature outbreaks in the first book, in this installment his more mature and brave side came to attention and what was even more admirable- his unwavering devotion and love towards Freyrik. In comparison to him Freyrik had a few moments of insecurity and doubt this time making him quite selfish in my eyes and making me believe that Ayden put more on stake than him when it comes to their forbidden romance, but you just wait, because eventually he will do *something* truly brave and heart-wrenching which will redeem every moment of doubt. 

One of the best characteristics of this story is the beautiful, poetic writing style. It truly shows the amazing talent of this author and when all secrets come out you'll understand the true meaning behind this title and the series and how they fit perfectly into the story. The only thing I wish she did a bit differently is the search and the battle against the Fallen in the 2nd half of the book which I felt concluded too quickly and considering its importance I think the author should have described it more thoroughly. Other than that the story was perfect and the ending was more than satisfying. I recommend this series to all mm readers who are fans of mm fantasy books with an epic love story. This series were my first reads by R. Haimowitz, but they definitely won't be the last.

"He risked meeting Freyrik's eyes, saw within them a reflection of the malestorm he heard  in Freyrik's song. Fear, anxiety, carefully controlled panic...And love, gods, such love. Trust me, his gaze said. Always, he thought back..."

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