Oct 25, 2014

Seeds Of Iniquity (In the Company of Killers, #4) by J. A. Redmerski

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Thriller/ Romantic Suspense

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Victor Faust’s new Order is growing. Business is good as there is no rest for the wicked in an underground world of hardcore criminals and contract killing. Relationships among the operatives have changed little over the past year—but things are about to change now, and all six high-ranking members of the new Order will be blindsided by an unlikely enemy. 

Loved ones whose only ties to Victor’s organization are their relationships with its members, are abducted. The price to get them back safely—the six must confess their deepest, darkest secret to this mysterious young woman named Nora, who is as deadly as she is beautiful, and who seems to know more about each of them than they know about each other. And although no one has any clue about who Nora really is, it becomes clear that she also isn’t who she appears to be. 

So much more is at stake than secrets and the lives of innocent loved ones; with each member that Nora forces to confess, the truth about their dark pasts and their present objectives will cast suspicion, pit some against each other, and may tear others apart. 

Before the game is over everyone will know who this woman is and why she is here, but the damage she will leave in her wake could be the beginning of the new Order’s destruction. 

Whose dark secret will be the darkest of all? And can Victor’s Order survive any of them?



"Love makes a person vulnerable, even the most skilled, most intelligent, most unbreakable human being."

Everyone has secrets. Some secrets being deep-buried, darker and more dangerous than others if they ever come to the wrong hands. Imagine then the weight and depth of secrets of  5 agents of one underground organisation.

After the heart-breaking ending of the previous book which shattered the world of Victor Faust's order things seemed finally getting back to normal, but as we all know- nothing good lasts forever. Their lives, relationships and trust is tested yet again after the arrival of a new character- Nora Kessler, if that's her real name.

"Who the fuck are you, you insane bitch?" he demands.
"Oh, love," she says whimsically, "don't rough me up too much or I might just fall in love with you."

Nora is beautiful, sensual, provocative and one of the most dangerous people they came across.  Nobody knows who or where this woman came from or what are her true motifs, but she has something of theirs and they are forced to do as she commands. She will give them what they want, but first, there's one indisputable condition they have to fulfill: reveal their deepest, darkest secrets and when those secrets begin to reveal all hell will break loose.

Dark, gripping, suspenseful thriller.

One word: perfection. I liked Fredrik's story, but this installment was mind-blowing! I was hooked from the first page and the suspense kept me on my toes til' the very ending. In this story you'll find out more about the background of all main characters (Izabel, Victor, Niklas, Dorian etc.) and some of their secrets will leave you speechless. While I more than enjoyed every book of this series, there was always *that little something* missing for me to rate it 5 stars, but this book deserves 10 stars and more! The writing was superb, the characters were amazing (btw. big girl-crush on Nora) and the last page and that heart-wrenching epilogue left me in awe. Whose secret is the darkest? Whose secret has the power to divide the whole organisation? Buy the book & find out! I highly recommend this series to all fans of dark, suspenseful, romantic reads.

Beatrix, you were right- this installment is  the best in the series so far and one of the best books I read this year in general. Thank you J. A. Redmerski! I'll be impatiently waiting and counting days until the next book.

"We do everything together, my love, my devil, my dark prince.
We seek vengeance together. We fuck and we love and we damn and we destroy together until the day we die together."



  1. Awesome, awesome review my friend! :)
    Glad you loved it too! xxxx

  2. I am totally going to have to read this book! I love that you called it Perfection!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

  3. Squee. I keep checking audible daily I started this on audio and need to continue. I cannot wait!

    1. Yayy! Hope you'll like it as much as I did *fingers crossed*.

  4. Yup, I loved this one too. Nora was FANTASTIC!

    1. Yes!!! She's my new favorite character along Fredrik :))


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