Dec 15, 2014

Two Roads (Gypsy Brothers, #6) by Lili St. Germain

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Dark Romance

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The sixth book in the #1 iBooks bestselling Gypsy Brothers series.

Juliette and Jase may be out of Dornan's immediate reach, but as tensions rise, will they end up walking right into the enemy's trap?

Can Juliette forgive Jase for his devastating betrayal, or will it destroy everything they've been fighting for?



"To let go? To give up? No, I would never- will never- give up. I take the road less traveled. I write my own fate. I deliver my own justice. I wreck my own special brand of revenge."

Shocked. Confused. Appalled. Conflicted. Devastated. But above all completely heartbroken. That is almost close enough summary of my feelings while reading the sixth book of Gypsy Brothers series. I didn't like the previous installment, because I felt that the author made it too unrealistic considering everything that had happened, and that is why I was hesitant about reading this book, but now, after I finished it, even though I didn't love it like some of the previous books I still think that the author is on the right track again. There were some things I liked and then there were some things I didn't, as usual.

"Will he even want me now? Or will I remain the empty, tarnished vessel- unlovable, dead on the inside, forever alone?"

Julie is in a really bad and dark place after the shocking ending of the previous book. She is far from the role of the ruthless and merciless avenger she imposed on herself. The inevitable thing happened and she finds herself at the very bottom for the 2nd time. Ruined. Tarnished.  Hopeless. One step from a total breakdown caused by so much pain, despair and loss. That's why it wasn't easy to read this book, especially because the author describes every detail so vividly. 

Considering her state it wasn't easy for me to like her, because she did some pretty careless things that made me want to shake some sense into her, but then again I also couldn't not feel sorry for her, because no person could stay sane after all that tragedy. I also didn't appreciate how she was more worried about Jace's opinion about her than other much important things. Jace is again on my shit list. My opinion about him has been conflicted since the beginning of the series, but the more the story is developing the less fondly I think  about him, especially after this book. I really didn't appreciate his behavior towards Julie in some situations. I wanted him to be more considerate taking in consideration all the fucked-up things she went through and I felt that he didn't do enough to help her heal.

Dark, twisted, devastating & heart-breaking. 

This series is definitely not for everyone. Only fans of dark reads will be able to enjoy it and handle the dark themes (gang-rape, murder, abortion, drug abuse etc.) and characters with questionable redeemable quality it is dealing with. I barely handled it and I've read some pretty twisted books so far. Also recommendable to the fans of the TV show Revenge, but have in mind that this is darker and gorier.

Today is the release day of the 7th book- One Love (Gypsy brothers, #7) which is also the last installment of the series. Considering the devious mind of the author, as always, I am both excited to read it and at the same time petrified of the out-come, because I believe it will be a hit/miss for me like the two previous books. Bring on the mindfuck, I'm not ready!

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"I am a ghost. I am nothing, and inside me, that tiny seed of rage grows patiently, a little each day, and I know when I'm strong enough I'll be able to harness it for my own survival.
I need the rage to come back to me, because without it, I am a shell."



  1. Replies
    1. Hm, it's good, but I've seen better ;)

  2. You are so brave for continuing on a series with so much promise of another heartbreak. *sobs* I don't think I can, but good on you!

    1. I know, right! I don't know, I just love sad, heartbreaking stories. They usually leave bigger impression on me than the ones with HEA. I'm weird like that xD

  3. I've got the first book of the series but haven't read it yet, it looks like heavy stuff ! It's good that you think the series is evolving in the right way, I hope next book will fulfill your wishes ;)

    1. I loved the 1st four books, but the last 2 were kind of disappointing. Thanks, hope so too.
      Wonder what you'll think about it :)

  4. I don't know why I'm a sucker for reads like I recently read one that totally took me out my comfort zone, I HATED it but I I had to finish it.
    Those are some strong emotions you described.
    Thanks for sharing, this is the first time I see anything from this author.

    1. As you can see, I'm a sucker for reads like this, too. :)


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