Jul 29, 2014

Otherwise Alone (Evan Arden Trilogy, #1) by Shay Savage

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Lieutenant Evan Arden sits in a shack in the middle of nowhere, waiting for orders that will send him back home - if he ever gets them. Other than his loyal Great Pyrenees, there's no one around to break up the monotony. The tedium is excruciating, but it is suddenly interrupted when a young woman stumbles up his path.

He has two choices - pick her off from a distance with his trusty sniper-rifle, or dare let her approach his cabin and enter his life.

Why not? It's been ages, and he is otherwise alone...

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My rating: ✮✮✮✮

My review:
The first part in the Evan Arden Trilogy is very short, so this will be a really short review. 

The first time I read Otherwise Alone was in January, and I only had this to say:

"I want to read more!

Evan Arden, tell me more."


Why I haven't read the sequels yet is a mystery to me, because Otherwise Alone was a great way to start a series that had everything to get me hooked. It had just enough information to make me want to learn more about Evan Arden. His line of work promised a lot of action in the continuation of the story, and the short time with the lost woman Lia did left me wondering what/if anything will happen between them. Also, that short time was full of hotness, so that's another reason to continue reading. Plus, it's written from Evan's POV. I always like finding books written from the hero's perspective, and when that hero is an assassin, you just know you're in for a ride.

I'd say we got a lot from so few pages, and this time I'm going forward and finding out exactly what Evan Arden has to say more.



  1. What a beautiful cover, I'm really looking forward to reading this book!

    1. The cover or the guy on the cover? ;) And I'm looking forward to reading the sequels. :)

  2. I've got the book, have yet to read it but I will !

    1. It's really short so it won't take much of your time... Hope you like it. :)

  3. That is a lovely cover. I tried another by her that I couldn't get into but this one might do it for me. Will give it a look-see :)

    1. This was my first by this author. I don't know about her other work, but I believe I will really like this series. Hope you do, too. :)

  4. Replies
    1. Sure was, and the second part is even better. I hope you give it a try. :)


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