Dec 4, 2013

Open Confessions (London Brown) by Leila DeSint

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Confessions of a Philanthropist (London Brown #13)

A glimpse of the monster within.

I’m Rhys Christos Edward Stowell, a philanthropist on the verge of exile from a suffocating state of corruption. My lack of conformity to perceived norms has earned me a reputation of being difficult. I rather like it that way.
Beguiled by a woman who uses the oldest profession to torture herself and punish those that love her, I’m ever her dutiful friend. But I want much more…
After years of being neatly boxed in the friend category, she offers me surrender. Or the semblance of it….

Confessions of a Daughter/Whore (London Brown #14)

This body belongs to me and I'm going to use it.

I’m Desniah Williams. Is that what you think? I'm convinced we're London Brown and these are still my confessions. And I will plunge you into…

Confessions of a Politician (London Brown #15)

The sweet yet painful taste of her. 

I'm Caden Jacob Carrington (V) the Fifth. The truth is most men's salvation, but not for men like me. Politics is my chosen affliction. I lie for a living, or massage the truth to suit me. The one constant about truth is that it's identical to the theory of relativity: neither uniform nor absolute in the minds of men.
So why is it so important for me to uncover the truth about Desniah Williams, a.k.a. London Brown, when neither will willingly provide facts…


Everyone who knows me in the world of books and who have been following this blog for some time know that I'm fascinated by the London Brown series for almost a year. I've read these novellas and studied them and wrote reviews in detail which you can find HERE(for the first book) and HERE. I also did interviews with 2 of the characters(HERE and HERE). And still after this next part, I fell in love with its complexity and brilliance even more. The world the author created is a world of one woman with two personalities. Desniah, the primary one, a woman sexually abused as a child, created a 'stronger' version - London Brown - now a provocative escort, fearless and doesn't care about anybody but herself; to protect herself from the all the emotional consequences of the abuse. Two men: Caden, a man Des loved since childhood, as he did her but circumstance and cruel fate keep them apart; and Rhys, the dangerous rebel with dark desires and a wicked mind and the only one able to help Desniah to become stronger. It seems.

What makes this series so special to me is the unpredictable and shocking way it's told. You're constantly glued to the scene, the intricate style of writing makes it all so vivid, like you're there and you feel the tension and it keeps you at the edge of the seat, so intense you can hear yourself breathing through it. And then some moments, your heart stops, then starts beating so fast while you're wondering what the ever loving fuck is going on. Even when you sometimes expected the unexpected before it happened, it strikes you so damn hard. This is only the beginning of what these characters make me feel. But the thing I love most about it is the smart way it's written - it doesn't look complicating at all, but then you start picking out the clues and pieces that hide behind everything the four of them say or think.

And all the characters are so original and unique. You won't see this type of thing anywhere. From Rhys, the guy that gives a new meaning to calculated mind manipulation. His darkness, his unconventional, dominant but also affectionate toward Des personality attracted me at first. But it's not only the dark sexual desires that hide behind his facade, there are things that make him far more dangerous and poisoning. 

Desniah was starting to get our of her shell. She began a relationship with Rhys, something that finally made her feel safe and sure to fight London, who was slowly overtaking her body. But being desperate for affection is a dangerous thing. Rhys is now doing things that make her confused once again and London is taking the chance to weaken her undeniable connection to Rhys. It's a game of who has more mind strength and power. And London has some dirty weapons in her arsenal and boy, did I forget how dirty she can get.
" believe this is your body and yet you cannot even take control back. I've got to be the one to set you straight."

It completely and utterly killed me and I'm desperate for what is to come next. As I read on, the way I see all of the characters just keeps getting changed and I can't get enough of it.

Welcome to the world where masks they hide behind are people's main choice of weapon; where nobody is safe from their past mistakes coming back to haunt them and where future is hanging in the balance but could be forever ruined so easily.

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  1. I 'm happy you loved this book too. Great review, Iva.

  2. Thank you Iva for the fantastic review and sharing your insight.


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