Dec 3, 2013

Dazzled by Silver (Layers Trilogy, #0.5) by Lacey Silks

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Erotica, Romance

My rating: 3 stars

Book summary:

"Private Investigator, Gabriel Silver is healing from a deadly loss, burying himself in work and avoiding relationships of any kind. When he agrees to help a friend who's tangled up with drug dealers he has no idea the job will change his life.

Samantha Connor is recovering from a terrible relationship. She's on the prowl for a hot hook-up, with no strings attached. When she meets Gabriel, she thinks she's found the perfect man to fulfill her deepest yearnings. But Gabriel turns out to be more than meets the eye.

Soon, she's knee-deep in his latest case and on the run with Gabriel and her sexy friend Kendra. As they plot to trap the drug dealers, Samantha and Gabriel begin a thrilling game of cat and mouse. With growing feelings, danger at every turn and seduction on the table, anything can happen. When Samantha tries to help her friend and her sexy new guy, she finds herself in too deep."

       Welcome to Fuckland where you'll get extra special two for one offer! Lacey Silks doesn't waste her or your time. Her heroine Samantha looks for one night stand and she gets it after five pages. It is completely different matter who is" lucky winner". Last time I read f/f scene that was hot like that was when I had read Selena Kitt (who else!).

      It's all about passion. Dazzled by Silver is pure erotica. There is a story behind all the steamy scenes, but it is quite obvious that main focus of the story is sex. A lot of it. Insanely hot and in all possible variations  you can imagine two women and one man. Looking back, it was the best part of this novel - Lacey Silks knows how to get all hot and bothered. Background story on the other hand wasn't too convincing. General premise of the story is interesting - Sam's friend, Kendra, gets in some serious trouble with bad people and Gabe is there to help her out. Sam hooks up with Gabe, ends in the wrong place at the wrong time and he has to protect her and Kendra. Gabe has his own issues and all of this brings back some bad memories. This part of the story should have been more detailed - it's the most interesting part of the plot.

      It could have been better. Dazzled by Silver had a potential to be great book. If it was mor a romantic suspense and less trashy erotica. I have noting against trashy erotica, but not everyone can pull off their inner Selena Kitt. Other than that, main male character is cliche - a bad, strong man with millions on the bank account and all kind of James Bond moves. But, that is something completely normal in this type of novels. I just wish there were a little bit more depth and story development.

       Trilogy. Story about Gabe Silver is just prequel to the, let's say, main story of the Layers Trilogy. Central character will be his cousin Tristan Cross. I really hope that novel will be better.


***Copy of the book provided by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.***


  1. I read this back in the Summer, and had pretty much the same thoughts. I didn't realized DbS was the beginning of a trilogy. Nice review!

    1. Thank you, Andrea. I didn't know it would be prequel too.

  2. Hahaha, then you won't like Selena Kitt. :))) You should read Megan Heart, Amber Lin...

  3. I like my smut but I want my reads to have a good plot as well. Trashy sex without much of a story is disappointing. Great to see you enjoyed this overall, Glass. :)


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