Nov 24, 2013

(Bookish Problems #1) Sequels I Am Afraid to Read

      Few days ago Tanja and I tried to do something new on our blog Ja čitam, a ti?, so we posted our first Bookish Problems meme. I've been thinking that it would work perfectly for Way Too Hot Books too and here we are. First topic was sequels we are afraid to read and if you want to see what we picked, you can read our post here.

      There are a lot of steamy, hot books out there. Lately it looks like one of the popular trends is to write series even when it comes to the contemporary romances. Sometimes this works out perfectly, but in the most cases, sequel makes me start doubting my initial obsession with the first book and I wonder was it that good or was I just in the mood for that kind of read. One of those were Mine by Katy Evans and Infraction by K.I. Lynn. I don't think I'll continue reading those series.


The King by J.R. Ward

I love Black Dagger Brotherhood series, it's is one of the rare paranormal novels I didn't gave up on. Previous book is my absolute favorite, I am happy that J.R. Ward gave Qhuinn and Blay their happily ever after. Twelfth book goes back to the Wrath and Beth - where it all started. I'm not sure how long will she be able to give us something new and interesting. I don't have high hopes for The King.

If Only by Cherice Sinclair

Sally is one of the constant secondary characters in Masters of the Shadowlands and it's unnecessary to say that she is one of my favorite girls. I think I've waited for her story all this time. Problem is that Masters lost a lot of their appeal from that first time I read about them and after my lack of enthusiasm wit Sam's book, I'm afraid this one won't manage to make me happy too.

Reaper's Legacy by Joanna Wylde

Reaper's Property was one of the funniest books I read and enjoyed it very much.
Horse was my first biker boy and that is probably one of the reasons why I liked first book so much. Since then I've read  few novels about biker world and I think I saw all of the possible plots. That is why I'm afraid to read Reaper's Legacy - I don't think I will be too happy with it.


Insider by Olivia Cunning

 Sinners on Tour was one of the sexiest series about rock stars. it got better with every sequel. At first I was so excited when I hear about spin-off, Exodus End, but I don't think it will be anything fresh and new. I expect repetitive plots and a lot of eye rolling.

      Tell me, my lovely way too hot people, do you have a list of sequels you're afraid to read? Will you read the books that are on my list? And what do you think about this endless sequels for the books that should have been standalones?



  1. I always dread reading the last book for fear a. it will let me down and b. the story is coming to an end.

    1. Me too, but sometimes authors have this nasty habit of dragging one series for too long and then it loses its initial appeal.:(

  2. Ok, all of these series are new to me, but I'd say that J.R. Ward is a good author. I read a few novels from her Black Dagger Brotherhood series, out of order, of course, heh. I think Rhage and Zadist were the guys whose books I read and they were quite good in my opinion. I was a bit confused about the world and the POVs, but I guess it's my fault--should have read the first book lol :D I hope that you do end all of these and enjoy the hell out of them:)

    1. LOL, you should, but I think you got who is who.:)
      I hope that too, Siiri.

  3. Aw scared of Sally and the Feds?! Sam's book wasn't as exciting as I was hoping but I am so excited about Sally's. It's killing me waiting for the book to come out in print. lol But the second it does I'm all over that book ;)

    The BDB is one I gave up on. It pretty much ended for me with Tohr's book. I was so bleh over that one I didn't bother picking up the next. But gah those early books in the series are some of my all time favorites.

    1. A little bit - I expected that story for so long.:( I don't have patience to wait for printed version and also, it's much easier for me to buy e-books than paperbacks.
      So far, I enjoyed all of the novels, I didn't like Thor's and Phury's story as much as I did others. I'm afraid that with the King it will all go in completely different direction. :(

    2. Yeah I can totally understand that. It's really risking doing a repeat couple I think. It'll be interesting to see how people react to it.

      And I've had em like that before where you're so loving a character and nervous about it. I hope you end up loving the three of them. I've had some friends read it so far and they said it was their favorite of the whole series so fingers crossed!!


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