Nov 26, 2013

Restless Spirit by Sommer Marsden

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My rating: 3 stars

***Copy of the book provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review.***

Book summary:

"Tuesday Cane walks out on her life and her abusive man when she inherits her grandmother's house at Allister Lake. There she finds plenty of distractions to take her mind off her loss with her sexy neighbour and handyman Shepherd, former TV star Reed and her old flame Adrian. But, as time passes, she senses that something is not quite right with her new life. And no amount of steamy sexual encounters can hide her anxiety. Surrounded by so many interesting men and erotic enticements, Tuesday has no intention of committing to one man ever again. But the more she insists she's nobody's girl, the more she wants to be somebody's girl. Will she continue to be a restless spirit and run from love or will she be won over?"

      Sommer Marsden is not new author for me. I've been walking around her books ever since I started to read erotica, especially BDSM novels. I am ashamed to admit that I have Learning to Drown on my e-reader for what it seems forever, but I always leave it for another time. When I saw Restless Spirit, I knew it would be something I might enjoy. And, boy, I did.

      One girl and three boys. Adrian, Shepherd and Reed are archetypes of female sexual fantasies. Tuesday is woman we all secretly want to be sometimes - uninhibited, sensual, open and reckless. She returns home after getting out of abusive relationship and there she meet one old guy and two new guys. Now you think you got it all figured out, but do not rush. I had some ideas about what will happen, but I was surprised.

      Is there any depth of story or is it just all about sex? Well, you will be happy to hear that you will get the whole package with Restless Spirit - emotions, intensity, insanely hot sex scenes and few lines that will make you think. How about few teasers?

The most perfect sound to me - a man coming undone. A man losing his tiny thread of control. A man who was now groaning loud, coming with me. Because he'd lost his hold of himself. Because of me.


"I don't believe in perfect. I don't even think I buy that soul mate shit. But I do believe in connections. I do believe in energy recognizing compatible energy. I don't have a world for it... But I believe you can look at someone- maybe one someone in your whole life- and feel this instant..."

"Zap, I thought. Lightning."

      But why did I give it three stars? No matter how much I enjoyed reading about Tuesday's encounters with alpha males, I still noticed that several things could have been better. For starters, Tuesday herself. All clenching and dripping and fluttering was a little bit too much sometimes. Other than that, I think suspense should have been given more importance. Few times I thought that there would be paranormal twist, but luckily, I was wrong.

    If  you are craving some hotness and need few hours away from dull, everyday life and responsibilities, Restless Spirit is perfect choice for you.



  1. I'm not really one for erotica, so this definitely isn't for me, though it's nice that this one has an emotional draw too. I'm glad that, for the most part, you enjoyed this one, Glass. :)

    1. We can't like every genre, but maybe one day you'll change your mind about erotica. I know I did.:)

  2. I've never heard of Marsden, but I will take a look at her books. I'm glad you liked this!

    1. I hope you will, I think you might like her, Andrea.
      Thank you.

  3. Not sure this would work for me because I don't like multiples in my relationships. I'm a one guy and one girl sort of romance lover, but this does sound incredibly HOT! Great review, Glass! :)

    1. I know you're not, Rachel, but yes, it was a steamy read.:)
      Thank you.


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