Jul 6, 2015

Mini REVIEW: Helping Hand By Jay Northcote

MM Contemporary Romance

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Wanking with a mate isn’t gay—as long as you keep your hands to yourself.

Jez Fielding and James MacKenzie—Big Mac to his mates—are in their second year at uni. After partying too hard last year, they make a pact to rein themselves in. While their housemates are out drinking every weekend, Jez and Mac stay in to save cash and focus on their studies.

When Jez suggests watching some porn together, he isn’t expecting Mac to agree to it. One thing leads to another, and soon their arrangement becomes hands-on rather than hands-off. But falling for your straight friend can only end badly, unless there’s a chance he might feel the same.

length: 33,000 words approx

PURPLE'S RATING: 4/5 stars
GLASS' RATING: 5/5 stars

*** REVIEW ***

Collage boys, roommates, friends-to-lovers romance, GFY romance, first timers...The Resistance. Was. Futile. And I'm really glad I couldn't resist this short novella (around 90 pages), because, let's be honest- it made my dirty mind really happy, lol. As my friend Danija said- I won't call it a guilty pleasure because I don't feel guilty at all.

Jez & James are roommates and best friends in their 2nd year at uni. They partied so hard last year that one of them is now stuck with financial problems and the other will fail his studies if he doesn't get back on track. What to do??? Well, why not make a pact to avoid parties and stay at home this time for a change and hey, during breaks we can watch porn together and whatever else happens behind closed bedroom doors stays there? *Purple approves*

Fun, fast-paced, emotional and steamy. The only "flaw", as usual when it comes to short novellas, was its shortness.  Other than that I liked it a lot. The mm reading world can never have enough of these "straight" collage boys stories. Don't you agree? ;)




  1. So uhm, what does GFY stand for?

    1. GFY- gay for you. Supposedly, it's when a straight guy is attracted only to one particular guy, so he is gay for him. I know, it sounds highly unrealistic, but it works in books, especially for me, LOL.

  2. Oh, this sounds pretty hot! I do love a quickie, lol! I'll keep this in mind when I need a short and hot fix. Great review, Purple! :)

    1. Thanks, Rachel! Yup, quickies can be pretty hot, LOL.


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