Jul 16, 2015

Pre-Release ARC REVIEW: Beware of Me (Dark Obsession #4) by Cynthia Eden

Expected publication: July 28th 2015 by Hocus Pocus Publishing, Inc.

Romantic Suspense

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Walk on the wild side with New York Times and USA Today best-selling author Cynthia Eden's dark new romantic suspense, BEWARE OF ME.

Criminal. Killer. Monster. Ethan Barclay has been called many things in life, and he usually doesn't care what people say about him. He's tough, hard, and brutal when he needs to be. But even the most dangerous of men can have a weakness. Ethan's weakness has--and always will be--Carly Shay.

Their pasts are tied together--twisted and melded by blood and death. Walking away from Carly was the hardest thing that Ethan ever did, but it was also his one good deed. He knew Carly deserved far better than him, and he wanted her to have a perfect life, a life that didn't involve paying for Ethan's sins.

Only now the secrets from their past have been revealed, and Carly's life is on the line. Ethan's enemies, Carly's enemies--the predators are closing in on them. But Ethan isn't going to let Carly be threatened. He will move heaven and hell to protect her. He won't lose Carly, not again, and for those foolish enough to try and take her from him...they are about to see just how deadly Ethan truly can be.

Author's Note: BEWARE OF ME is a complete, stand-alone story. All of the books in the Dark Obsession series are stand-alone titles.

Dark Obsession Series:

WATCH ME, #1 / WANT ME, #2 / NEED ME, #3 / BEWARE OF ME , #4

RATING: 3/5 stars

*** REVIEW ***

No, I did not picked this book up only because of the cover guy, really, I didn't. (Yeah, right.) The last book that ended on my favorite shelf was a romantic suspense novel, so the genre and the synopsis sounded like something I might enjoy. And I did for the most part.

"You are so wrong for me," she said. And she was the only right thing in his world.

Carly Shay has been hiding from her past for the past few years and pretty successfully until her ex-lover Ethan Barclay, the infamous mob boss and a man who broke her heart, pays her a visit. Carly and Ethan have been through a lot. The time they spent together is at the same time one of her most cherished memories and worse nightmares which still prevent her from moving on and having a normal life. Ethan wants her back at his side and this time forever, but he's not the only one. There are also enemies from her past who want her dead, suspicious friends who want to help and FBI agent who is one step behind from solving her darkest secret. And the question is- whom to trust, the devil you know or the one you don't?

"When you get scared," his voice was gruff, "when you think the world is going to pieces around you, I'll be there. I can help you. I will help you.

The story was dark, action-packed, suspenseful, emotional and steamy. My favorite character was definitely the sexy, provocative, sensual and bad-ass Ethan. The scars on his face only added to his appeal. In comparison to him, I wasn't the biggest fan of Carly in the beginning of the story, because she seemed quite naive and impulsive in some situations, bringing herself in danger, but she did get better later on, especially in the second half of the book.

My rating would have probably been bigger if the suspense had been done a bit better. The twists were okay and they did have the element of surprise, but what can I say- I've read better. My favorite was the last one. I definitely didn't expect *that*, even though I had my suspicious about that person. All in all- it was an enjoyable, fast-paced read. It can be read as a standalone, but still, somehow I can't lose the impression that I would have liked it more if I had read the previous installments of the series. 

"I thought you'd lost your soul a long time ago."
He smiled at her. "I did. I gave it to a seventeen-year-old girl...a beautiful girl who was willing to do anything  in order to save my sorry ass."



  1. This is another series that I've not heard of before Purple, where do you keep finding these awesome sounding books from? I'm glad that these books have been a great success for you so far. Lovely review! :)

  2. I have a Cynthia Eden book on my kindle that I keep meaning to finish, but review books keep getting in the way. I love romantic suspense so I'm going to keep this series in mind. I can deal with an annoying character if she gets better and I can have fun even if some of the twists are a bit predictable. Wonderful review, Purple! :)

    1. Thanks, Rachel! Romantic suspense is one of my fav genres. I definitely think I would have liked it more if I read the series in order.

  3. I have always been a fan of mob boss characters in Erotica. I think this one deserves to be added to my list despite your problems with it. Thanks for the heads up, Purple!

    1. Hope you'll enjoy it if you decide to give it a shot! :)


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