Jul 21, 2015

Mini REVIEWs: Cold War & Holding the Edge (Cold War, #1 & #2) Keira Andrews


MM Contemporary Romance/ Sports 

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Book #1: 3.5/ 5 stars
Book #2: 3/ 5 stars

*** REVIEWs ***

Book #1:

“I'm not your friend.” Dev was simply stating a fact.
Mikhail--Misha--smiled softly. “No. You are my ...little rebellion.”

2 famous, top-leading skaters: a Russian & an Indian American. Two sworn rivals competing in one of the most important competitions of their careers. With eyes only on the prize. Until one heated argument in the locker room changes everything.

Fast-paced, fun, emotional and smoking hot enemies-to-lovers mm romance.

3.5 stars and only because some situations were rushed and that drama near the end which could have done a bit better in my opinion. Other than that I loved the palpable chemistry between the Mcs and their opposite personalities- Misha, the cold, calculated and always in control Russian who became a totally another person when behind closed bedroom, shower or locker room doors with the sweet and outgoing Dev.

Book #2:

My first thoughts before diving in Holding the Edge (Cold War, #2) were that the cover guys are totally not what I had in mind, especially not Dev, so I just stuck to my dirty imagination. When I started reading it I was positive that I'm gonna enjoy it more than Cold War (Cold War, #1), because- hey, Dev & Misha finally came clean about their feelings for each other and started a real, even though still closeted relationship and they even got a pet .

Another thing that I liked is that we finally got Misha's pov and the building friendship between their dance partners who couldn't stand each other not so long. The skater boys have done the easy part, but now comes the hard part when they have to face their families, friends and society. Will the pressure be too much for them? Buy the book and find out!

All in all, it was a sweet, emotional and quite satisfying conclusion to the short Cold War series. 3 stars because there was some cheesy content, especially in the 2nd half of the book which kind of lessened my first impression.




  1. I'm very particular about m/m romance tropes that I read. These characters, being dancers, are probably not the kind of thing I could get into, though. I'll keep them in mind. :)

    1. I also thought that mm book with dancers won't work for me, but I ended up liking it, so who knows, maybe you'll too.


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