May 26, 2015

REVIEW: Trust (Temptation, #3) By Ella Frank

MM Contemporary Romance

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TRUST – verb: to believe in the reliability, truth, or strength of another.

Up until now, Logan Mitchell has never had much of a reason to trust anyone.
Having struggled with a self-identity crisis throughout college, he’s spent the years since then creating a sophisticated facade to present to the world.
It’s an armor he thought was impenetrable—until he met Tate Morrison.
The gorgeous, headstrong bartender he’d sat across from only months ago has taken a tight hold of his heart, and Logan is discovering that it’s time to let go. 
It’s time to let someone inside.

After years of placing his dreams on hold for his family, Tate has finally chosen to do what makes him happy and follow his heart. 
The one thing he never would’ve imagined was that it would lead him into the arms of a man—and not just any man—the striking, never-takes-no-for-an-answer Logan Mitchell.
Tate has fallen hard, and as his world is turned on its axis and they move forward together, he finds his life becoming more entwined with the confident, successful lawyer.

Even though neither man expected the other, it’s time to trust in their relationship—but not everything comes so easily…

RATING: 3/5 stars


So, the end has come to the Temptation series featuring one of my favorite mm couples ever- Logan & Tate and I'm rating their last installment only 3 stars. Blasphemy, right? Well, not exactly.

Yes, I've enjoyed the story. Yes, Logan & Tate were their usual smoking hot, adorable selves, BUT the fact is that the book wasn't as mind-blowing as the first two books, at least not for me. The biggest reason for that in my opinion is the author's rather poor solving of the majority of the twists in the story. Like f. e. *something big* happens and then it's solved shortly in the best possible way and that's it. I know I'm the first to complain when there's too much of drama in books, but here there was almost none, so the story fell flat at some points and therefore as a whole it was good, but not great. That's why 3 stars.

On the positive side, the story was yet again fun, steamy & very emotional. Every reader wants to see their favorite couple have a HEA and I'm happy and grateful these two finally had one of their own and don't regret a bit following them on their journey. I'm also looking forward to Ella Frank's new stories and I hope this won't be her last contribution to the mm genre.

I would recommend this series to mm romance readers who enjoy emotional, erotic and fun series with no bigger drama between two mischievous, hot, but adorable dirty talkers.




  1. I'm in need of a good MM romance right now. Though this one didn't really float your boat, I'd still would like to read the rest. :)

    1. Knowing your taste, I'm not sure if this would be the right type of mm romance for you, but hey, strangest things happened, so...;D You can try the first book and see if it works for you. :)

  2. I know sometimes no angst can make a story a little too boring, but nice to hear you enjoyed the overall ending of one of your favorite m/m romances, Purple. Great review! :)

  3. Yes, this one kind of wasn't what I'd hoped for either. I just felt that it was forced and exaggerated. Fan service and a way to milk the cash cow, nothing more. And while I always enjoy spending time with the boys, I kind of resented this one.

    1. Yes, I can totally understand why you felt that way, even though I enjoyed it a bit more than you did. :/

      Thanks for stopping by!


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