May 1, 2013

The Dark Prince (Dark Light Series, #2) by S. L. Jennings

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Adult Fiction/ Paranormal Erotica

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Book Two of The Dark Light Series

Dorian Skotos is Dark. And although that brand of sheer, unrelenting evil is a direct threat to her life, Gabriella is tragically in love with him. 

Gabriella knew it was all too good to be true. The way his touch radiated electricity right to her core, the way his ice blue eyes somehow made panties drop involuntarily, how his sexy half-smile crumbled the barriers around her heart…Dorian was extraordinary in every way. 

She ignored the alarm bells for the sake of pleasure and a little slice of peace from her mixed-up life. She thought that whatever he was, she could help him. Maybe even change him. But now that the proof of Dorian’s true identity and what he was sent for is staring her in the face, Gabriella can’t deny the inevitable. And confronting that truth could very well slaughter more than just her fragile heart.


I really wanted to like this, I promise, I really did, but the book unfortunately ended up being a huge disappointment. The first book in the series was good (My review of Dark Light (Dark Light Series, #1)- the story had potential, the author's writing style was good, the characters were interesting, the covers are b e a u t i f u l and it ended with a cliffhanger. It wasn't perfect, actually it had some things I didn't quite like, but I wasn't ready to give up on these series and I was excited for the 2nd book, because I really wanted to see how the story will develop, especially after I saw all these high ratings, both on Goodreads and Amazon after the 2nd book was published making me think that it must be great when so many people loved it, right ?... but boy was I wrong.

"The Dark Prince"



Gabriella a.k.a The Dark Light

Dorian Skotos a.k.a The Pure Dark


ME :

Yes, this book was more like a Spanish soap than a paranormal erotica- DRAMA, DRAMA & more of the never-ending and unnecessary DRAMA. (No offense to Spain and Spanish people, I love your country, culture, language and I think you're one of the hottest people in the world, but let's face it- your soaps suck.) I became annoyed immediately after I read a few pages. Just thinking about this book again makes my head hurt and that's why it took me so long to write a "proper" review. The most annoying character of the book and the biggest drama queen of them all was definitely Gabriella. She was full of contradictions and illogical behavior through the whole book and the pathetic crying: why?oh why?why me?why you?- it drove me nuts. Her confrontation with Dorian after she found out the real truth about him in the end of the first book was so lame and the supposed cliffhanger from the 1st book was solved in less than a few pages of the first chapter.

Gabriella was such a weak, immature and insecure character, one minute so sure of herself, the next one she doubts every word Dorian tells her, even after all the crazy and weird stuff he does for her, not to mention his crazy, over-possessive behavior over her. I mean, the guy gets pissed at her just because she was too busy doing her job, not paying attention for awhile to "His Majesty", because she had customers to attend and the next minute he flips out on her in front of everybody and accuses her of ignoring him and drags her in his office like a caveman to mark his territory. One word: P S Y C H O!!! If he were my boyfriend I would ignore him for the rest of my life after that. Even their dialogues were over-the-top and I don't mean it in a good way- full of cheesy and exaggerating lines which take eye-rolling on a whole new level. I was so tempted to give up on reading this book after the first 40 %, but then it finally got a bit interesting when Dorian's father shows up and spices things up and I definitely enjoyed the cat fight between Gabriella & Aurora- those were the only highlights of the book IMO, even though, I must admit, I was so annoyed up to that point with Gabriella that I really wanted Aurora to kick her spoiled-brat ass. Dorian a.k.a the over-possessive psycho wasn't any better. Just like Gabriella, I couldn't connect to his character at all. He wasn't sexy at all, just plain weird. The paranormal part of the book was also kind of lame and nothing new. I wish the author developed and focused more on that part than the Dorian-Gabriella drama. All in all, the book was a big disappointment and sorry, but I don't plan to read the next one, because I'm so over the teen drama and this one was more than enough.



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