May 20, 2013

One Week Girlfriend (Drew + Fable, #1) by Monica Murphy

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New Adult Contemporary Romance

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**Mature situations and sexual content - recommended for ages 17+**

Temporary. That one single word best describes my life these last few years. I’m working at a temporary job until I can finally break free. I’m my little brother’s temporary mother since our mom doesn’t give a crap about either of us. And I’m that temporary girl all the guys want to get with because I give it up so easily. According to the rumors, at least.

But now I’m the temporary girlfriend of Drew Callahan, college football legend and all around golden guy. He’s beautiful, sweet—and he’s hiding way more secrets than I am. He’s brought me into this fake life where everyone seems to hate me. And everyone seems to want something from him. The only thing he seems to want though is…


I don’t know what to believe anymore. All I know is, I think Drew needs me. And I want to be there for him.



Too caught up in your sweet, heartbreaking words, in your strong, capable arms and in your warm, soft lips. I’m too caught up in this…pretend life I’m so completely submersed in. And you know what? I like it. I love it. Even though I know deep down inside, it’s fake. That the way you talk to me, look at me, touch me. Kiss me…is all for show. I’m some sort of protection for you but I don’t care. I want it. I want you.


Highly Emotional.
Hot & Steamy.
Very Fucked-uP.

Just the way I like my books. I was caught up in this book from the first sentence of the prologue and couldn't stop reading til the very end. The prologue is truly beautiful and well-written and I knew immediately from that point on that I will like, if not love, this book. It's a story about two broken souls coming together and falling in love, but there's a big BUT there. Both of them have a lot of issues and problems which keep coming between them and the question is: Can they save each other from their worse nightmares and fears which keep haunting them or were they just too broken and hopeless from the very beginning?
A rich football star with a bright future & a poor waitress with a promiscuous reputation become involved in each other's lives out of necessity with just one rule: no strings attached. He needed the alibi and she needed the money. Simple as that. But we all know that life is anything, but simple and soon enough them two will too. 

“I have a fucked up family too.” Her quiet voice reaches inside of me and instantly calms my nerves. Her easy acceptance is unexpected. “Doesn’t everyone?” I’m trying to joke, but most of the time I believe I’m alone with the madness. No one’s family is as fucked up as mine.
She’s growing on me. A lot. I 
want to get to know more about her. She’s still a mystery, but so am I. I can’t tell her my secrets though. They’ll send her running.

Fable is a type of girl against whom most of the people would have a lot of prejudices. She has no true friends, usually hangs out with shallow people and sleeps around. Basically, guys use her for one thing only and she lets them and there are rumors about her being the football team slut. Even though I don't exactly approve such behavior I say: FUCK THAT! There are two people (at least :D) necessary to have sex and if boys can have fun whenever and with whomever, why shouldn't girls too? Why do they always get to be excused for their behavior and the girl always gets to be The Slut when they both "participated"??? These middle-aged beliefs are getting more and more frustrating with each passing day. 
*Don't judge me if you don't know my story*- that's something I totally agree with, but I know that some things will never change and unfortunately, there are and there will always be lots of Fables in this world. Drew has a similar problem like Fable- he, unlike most of the guys, avoids any kind of relationship, especially anything physical and just like that he is immediately labeled as homosexual in other people's eyes, even though he is far from it. What? A successful & hot football player/student being celibate??? Call the exorcist immediately!-_- What the rest of the stuck-up society doesn't know is that both Fable and Drew have one thing in common which will in a way bring them together and which deeply influenced their personalities- a very fucked-up family and when I say fucked-up, I mean fucked-up b i g  t i m e. When you hear their story, everything will become clear, especially why they behave the way they do. I can't imagine how can anybody stay sane growing up in such an environment, especially in Drew's case. It was both heartbreaking and horrifying at the same time. Both of them had their good and bad moments, moments when you just want to hug them and tell them that everything is gonna be o.k. and moments when you just wanted to shake them to snap out of the misery they were feeling and finally do smth about it. This time, the girl was the one who had more guts than the guy. To tell you the truth, when I think about it, if I were Fable, I don't know if I could cope with the "baggage" Drew came and I kind of admired her for that. But still, sometimes the things that bring you together can also set you apart.

“There’s no going back,” he whispers, as if he can read my mind. I slowly nod, too overcome to find words. “Once I’m inside you, you’re mine.”
Drew completely undoes me, with a look, with a word, with a thrust of his body, with a lick of his tongue. Every single thing he does to me devastates. Intoxicates. Renews. Every single thing inside of me. “I’ll never forget who I’m with,” I whisper against his lips before I kiss him.

The book ended with a cliffhanger. I'm not sure if I quite like how the things ended. I didn't like *the thing* Drew did in the end at all. I thought it was selfish and an act of cowardice, but I still get him in a way and hope he will come to his senses in the 2nd book. All in all I really liked the story and will definitely be buying the second one which, lucky for me, is out already- Second Chance Boyfriend (Drew + Fable, #2). 4 way-too-hot stars!!!

I was too scared, too afraid what might happen if I lived after all. So I turned into a shell. A robot going through the motions, living my life, doing what I was supposed to and getting ahead just fine. Keeping everyone at a distance, embracing football and nothing else. Until this girl came along and intrigued me. Surprised me. Intoxicated me. Stripped me completely.



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