May 22, 2013

Lockout (The Alpha Group #2) by Maya Cross

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Who is Sebastian Lock?

Sophia had never felt attraction like that before. Raw. Electric. Irresistible. Swept off her feet by the dashing, enigmatic billionaire Sebastian Lock, she was taken on a journey of self-discovery, taken to places she never dreamed she’d go.

But things are never as simple as they appear. Sophia’s trust is a fragile thing, and Sebastian seems insistent on testing it. He has his own demons to battle, and nobody has brought them to the fore like she has.

As their relationship deepens, and Sophia begins to break down his walls, all that greets her are more questions. Why is Sebastian fighting so hard to keep her at a distance? Who is the girl on the background of his phone? And why does the strange tattoo on his chest seem so familiar?

These puzzles plague her, but as Sebastian’s mysteries begin to unravel, she must face an entirely different truth. Staying in the dark may be painful, but finding the answers could be deadly.



A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

First of all, I love the second cover as much as the first book's cover! Who makes them? They're really amazing and fit the book with its elegance and sensuality. I also saw the Locked cover on several other books.

So this novella is a direct continuation after the first book where we were left confused over the picture on Sebastian's phone. It wasn't a big matter to solve and it pasted quickly but with it we began to get more about Sebastian and his past. Throughout the book there were several small things revealed and I really liked the pace of it. It was not yet a big boom, which I expect in the final book considering the ending. It ware details about his life that are very painful and it was just that reason that Sebastian ans Sophia were getting closer to each other, not only sexually but emotionally.

"I knew it was a side of him that he rarely shared, which made it all the more special that he was doing so with me. One by one, his walls were tumbling down. "

But when I first started the novella I was afraid that I won't like it. There was this stupid thing Sebastian, as a dominant and... playful, I guess, man told Sophia to do.

"It was a company steeped in tradition, yet there I was marching the hallways with a pair of sodden panties in a box in my hands and a sex toy between my legs. It was crazy. For the hundredth time I asked myself why I was giving Sebastian so much control, but of course I knew the answer. Because I enjoyed it as much as he did."

Well I didn't enjoy it.

I don't know. It was ridiculous to ask a woman who was never penetrated in the ass to wear a butt plug while she's working. I know that if goddamn Channing Tatum asked me to do it, I wouldn't. It was just unrealistic. The balls for the p*ssy in the Fifty Shades books were more acceptable and more comfortable.

But thank God it got much better. The chess scene showed how great they are as a couple and a team. I think that was a part where they saw how good they are together. The sex has as hot as in the first book.

" I'd enjoyed being in control of his pleasure, but there was something erotic about having him fuck my mouth too. It was base, it was possessive, and it was hot as hell watching his self control unravel before my eyes."

But now.. they began to develop a more emotional connection, the sure sign being the sleepovers. But Sebastian was afraid of emotion and I really loved how Sophia confronted him about it. She stays true to herself, the woman we met in the first book - confident and strong; she's careful and not sure about the future but she still knows what she wants and she realized she wants a relationship with Sebastian and all that comes with it. And she knows that's not easy and she talks! Doesn't make assumptions or runs away from the smallest sign of possible complication. And after Sebastian's little break down, they began to get closer to each other.

The night when he took her to that small restaurant, when they danced and later watched the view was just sweet. That whole night was so sweet! It's probably my favorite past of the book. It was how a date should go.

But trouble is not far away. Sophia was suspicious from the beginning that there is something more about that Sebastian's tattoo. She discovers more things but that ultimately led to a disaster. Coupled with trouble at work... And then the ending and the cliffhanger... This really needs to get fixed fast!!! Damn, Sebastian should have trusted her more.

Now I really can't want for the third and final part. Sebastian, solve this mess!
I loved the book, but because of the rocky beginning I gave it 4 stars. The author still does awesome job with the characters and their relationship, and not to forget the law stuff (you can see that she does many research for it) which is still not boring. But some thing were just too much.

Maya Cross, keep kicking ass with this story. We want a big finale :)

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  1. LOL, you can't fool me, we both know what you would have done do if Chaning Tantum asked you to :P :D

    1. Oh yes, I'd to a lot of things... Mostly to him :P But this - hell no!


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