Mar 18, 2014

The Swan & the Jackal (In the Company of Killers #3) by J.A. Redmerski

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Suspense/Crime/Thriller/Romantic Suspense and Adult


Fredrik Gustavsson never considered the possibility of love, or that anyone could ever understand or accept his dark and bloody lifestyle—until he met Seraphina, a woman as vicious and blood-thirsty as Fredrik himself. They spent two short but unforgettable years together, full of lust and killing and the darkest kind of love that two people can share.

And then Seraphina was gone.

It’s been six years since Fredrik’s lover and sadistic partner in crime turned his world upside-down. Seraphina went into hiding and has eluded him ever since. Now, he’s getting closer to finding her, and an innocent woman named Cassia is the key to drawing Seraphina from the shadows. But Cassia—after sustaining injuries from a fire that Seraphina ignited—suffers from amnesia and can’t give Fredrik the information he desperately seeks. Having no other choice, Fredrik has been keeping Cassia locked in his basement as he not only tries to get her to recall her past—because she and Seraphina share it—but also to protect her from Seraphina, who clearly wants her dead.

But Cassia is a light in the darkness that Fredrik never believed existed. After a year subjected to her kindness and compassion, he finds himself struggling with his love for Seraphina, and his growing feelings for Cassia—because he knows that to love one, the other must die.

Will light win out over darkness, or will something more powerful than either further destroy an already tortured soul?

My rating: 4 stars


I love you. 
I despise you.

Oh this book. So many feels. Fredrik, you’re my man, come to me, I will love and understand and accept you…

First off, if this is the first time you’re hearing about this book (shame on you), go grab this book and join us in the Company of Killers! 

I loved this – plain and simple, J.A. Redmerski did not disappoint, if anything this book offers us new insights into the world of our favorite assassins. We get to see more of the whole group, Victor & Izabel, Dorian, Niklas (I do hope his story is the next, he’s such a hated character, I admit myself I didn’t like him, because we all thought he’s a traitor, but I think there’s more to him than we had the chance to see, so I’m really looking forward to his story).

Now, after that side note; our Jackal, our Specialist – one and only Fredrik Gustavsson. He’s my favorite of them all I believe, I was never that big of a fangirl for Viktor. If I compare Viktor’s and Fredrik’s voice, their chapters, I can’t help but like Fredrik more. Viktor is so closed off, whereas with Fredrik I felt it all – his anguish, pains and sorrow. 

The story follows Fredrik trying to find his ex wife, Seraphina , but instead finding someone else entirely – Cassia. Now he’s conflicted between his love for Seraphina, despite hating her too, for betraying him. And his desire to protect Cassia, from that same Seraphina. On top of all that, he’s struggling with his growing feelings for Cassia.

Because love is pain. 
Because love is the greatest scam of all time. And as much as I fucking love you, I hate you for inflicting it upon me.

You know how there’s that romance, the one you know won’t end well, and you’re treasuring every moment, every passed word, every emotion between the lovers, because you know their time is limited, the story will not have a happy ending. And everything is all the more precious. That is how I felt here, with Fredrik & Cassia. 

Now, there’s that major plot twist, which of course I won’t reveal, but let me tell you – I did not see that coming. At all!

All the while reading this, I felt how the author should give us the whole backstory of how Fredrik and Seraphina met, and I’m so excited to see that Seeds of Iniquity will be precisely that. 

Oh yes, and I loved the soundtrack. That one  is my favorite. I think it’s quite perfect for this story. 



  1. I just bought the first one because you said to. lol. Seriously, this sounds fan-freaking-tastic! I'm going to read Killing Sarai VERY soon.

    1. Yeeey, haha
      I'm very glad and I hope you'll like them! :)


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