Mar 21, 2014

Aftershock (Afterburn & Aftershock, #2) by Sylvia Day

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America’s premier author of provocative fiction delivers the dramatic finale to a series set within the inner circle of glamour, sex and privilege.

When it came to playing games, my lover Jax was a master strategist. He pulled strings behind the closed doors of D.C.’s most powerful political players, and somehow still found time to nearly sideline my career. What he didn’t know was that when I didn’t like the rules, I threw them out and made my own. I wasn’t going to let Jax get away with it. I wasn’t going to let him get away at all.

I loved Jax enough that it was impossible to give up. Jax loved me enough that giving up was the only end he’d consider. He didn’t think I could swim with the sharks. It was entirely my pleasure to show him that I’d already dived in…

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 My rating: 3 stars

My review:

I think I would have liked this a lot more had I read it sooner. Like, for example, when it was originally supposed to be published in November, and not March! I'm sick of these publishers pushing back releases.

Sorry about that. I just had to get it out of my system. 

OK, take a deep breath and concentrate on the story at hand.

Ah, the story... I wish I remembered more from the first part, because judging by my rating, I liked it a lot. This one - not so much.

First, since I forgot a lot - well, almost everything - from Afterburn, it was rather difficult to keep track of who's who and what's happening. But, what I do remember is that I enjoyed reading about Jax and Gia, I liked how the story progressed, I liked the characters, it had some very hot scenes which I REALLY liked. So I was rather surprised that even when I got the hang of the story in Aftershock, I still wasn't thrilled (and this had nothing to do with the release being pushed back). No, this was due to the plot itself. So much drama on so few pages. So much drama. Jax and Gia just went from fight to fight; about the present, past or future - it didn't matter, they had something to fight about. In fact, their relationship reminded me a lot of Gideon and Eva. But Gideon and Eva will get five full-length novels, and Jax and Gia only two novellas, so everything with them felt rushed. I think that Jax and Gia should have either gotten a full-length novel, or that the plot in this novella should have been simpler. After Afterburn, I expected more. Even the hot scenes were not as hot, and there was very few of them.

Oh, well... It's also possible that my lack of enthusiasm about Aftershock is due to the fact that right now I'm into different kind of books. I don't know. One thing's for sure: I will always love the men in Sylvia Day's books because those are the men that in one sentence say:

“A public place won’t save you. We’re going to fuck, long and hard, wherever we end up. Better we don’t end up in jail and splashed all over the tabloids while doing it, don’t you think?”

And in the next one:

“Baby, I’ll crawl on my hands and knees if that’s what it takes.”

Oh, yes, I love them.

I forgot to mention one thing. I haven't read many titles from Cosmo Red-Hot Reads, but as I understand, the heroines in them are supposed to be modern, independent women that take crap from no one. And Gia? I felt like she took the backseat to Jax. I like that guy, but you know... I just wanted more from Gia.



  1. Hmm I haven't started these but have them. That's too bad this one didn't work as well for you but dang! yeah he sure would have me with those quotes. Holy cow. She does write really tasty men. lol

    1. Definitely. Her men are delicious. All of them are. And they say the nicest things. :) So if you already have these novellas, you should read them right away. I loved the first one, and maybe since you won't have to wait for the second one, you'll enjoy it more. It's a nice read while waiting for more Gideon. ;)


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