Sep 26, 2013

(Blog Tour) The Right Kind of Wrong by Jade Eby

      Itching For Books hosts blog tour for The Right Kind of Wrong by Jade Eby. Today is a day four and we will be talking about all of the reasons why we liked this book. But that is not all. You know how you always hear that one song while you're reading a book? It just pops in your head and you are thinking how it perfectly fits the atmosphere or the feeling. Well, we are bringing you our own perfect playlist to listen while reading The Right Kind of Wrong.

Book summary:

"Nothing stays hidden forever.
Kara Pierce has held onto the same dream since she was a little girl: to be the next Katie Couric.

Vince Gage, a budding filmmaker whose I-don't-give-a-shit attitude cancels out his charm, almost ruined it for her once, and now he’s back, threatening to do it again.
When the two of them are paired together for a college competition with a $20,000 prize, the only thing they agree on is winning.
They return to Iowa where Kara grew up to research her grandfather's service in World War II, instead they find themselves in the middle of a family scandal kept quiet for far too long. As Kara and Vince investigate the scandal deeper, they realize the price of uncovering the truth is so much more than they bargained for."

Release date: June 27th, 2013.
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Way Too Hot Books Review

Rating: 4.5 stars

I have to admit that I didn't think this book would be that good, book description doesn't give you whole idea what you can expect from The Right Kind of Wrong.
It goes more along a line of family drama and realistic fiction with romance thrown in the mix, so I think this book would be perfect choice for readers who like little bit of depth and not just sizzling, angsty romance.
The Right Kind of Wrong is a story about coming back home, revealing secrets and falling for a guy you never thought about in terms of boyfriend material.
I love Kara and Vince, both of them are strong characters who are not afraid to go after what they want or to deal with their fears. Kara finds herself in the situation that she never dreamed about, people she trusted the most in her life turn out to be most surprising and daring. Vince is described as young man who tries to redeem himself and win over the girl he liked from the very start.
Jade Eby is a promising author and I can't wait to read more of her books.

Must Listen While Reading

About the author:

Once upon a time there was a little girl who fell in love with books then she grew up to write her own.
Jade has participated in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) six times and enjoys copious amounts of coffee. When she's not writing, she enjoys trashy reality T.V. and reading everything she can get her hands on. 
Mommy to two dogs and two naughty kitties, she feels like she might be on her way to having a zoo.

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  1. This was a fantastic review and I love all the songs you chose for the playlist! Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

    1. Thank you, Jade. I know that my choice of songs is different from yours, but I kept hearing them while I was reading - especially Banks.:)

  2. Great review & playlist. Thanks for participating!

  3. 10 points for characters with lots of depth! This sounds like a fairly good read, girly! Awesome review. (:

  4. I love that it has some great character depth. I'm always looking for that in books, especially when they are contemporary.


  5. This definitely sounds interesting, but I've not heard of the book before. But I do like books with a realistic feel :) Great review!

    Janina @ Synchronized Reading

  6. I love that this has more depth and family issues and yes sometimes we need a break from the angst..but i do love that too..LOL Wonderful review and so glad you enjoyed it.

  7. Yeah, the blurb didn't give too much information but I am starting to like more and more contemporaries and I really like that cover.

  8. Ooh, this book looks really cute!

    Fab review, Glass! <33

  9. I like the sound of this one! Finding love in someone unexpected is always a type of romance I like. Great review, Glass! And thanks for the giveaway! :)

  10. You sold me with the fact that this book doesn't have a typical angsty romance :P
    I am so tired of those
    Great review :)


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