Aug 26, 2013

Mercy By Annabel Joseph

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Adult Fiction/ Erotica/ BDSM

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Lucy Merritt has always defined herself by her body, whether dancing in a small avant-garde company or posing for art. But she has always felt as if something is wrong with her, as if something is missing. She has never been in love.

Suddenly, in the darkness of the theater wings, a strangely affecting man enters her life. Matthew Norris, rich, handsome patron of the dance company, has decided that he wants Lucy for his own. He makes her an offer that both frightens and compels her, and they soon begin an affair characterized by only two requirements: beauty and truth. 

But how truthful are Matthew and Lucy? How much of Matthew's strenuous brand of love can Lucy endure? And how long can their rigid Dom/sub relationship stay frozen in time, never growing, never moving forward?



Glass & Red will probably "disown me" after I post this review, because they rated it pretty high-  4/5 stars, but it just didn't work for me. I read it years ago and it still gives me chills when I remember it- the kind of chills you get when watching a scary movie. At that time I read Fifty Shades Trilogy which was my first book with BDMS theme and I wanted to learn more, so I picked this book up. Here's what I thought:

I thought this book would be something similar to the Fifty Shades Series and I liked the cover, so I decided to try it, but it was NOTHING like it. This book was just too raw, brutal, vulgar and primitive, in short- a "bit" too much for me-I guess not my cup of tea .I didn't like the female protagonist, because I can't stand weak and whiny characters and this girl was too naive, immature and weak- she kept on crying and crying and feeling sorry for herself, but did nothing about it, and I utterly hated the male protagonist- he was just too brutal and vulgar, made me want to scream at him and even hit him, make him "my submissive", and not in a good way -.-...just to show him his place.
I was shocked by the way he behaved to her- I mean he called her 'his whore' or his 'anal-loving whore' all the time and sorry, but in my dictionary that's not hot. He even hit her so hard that it left her bruised and what's worse of it all- he made her sleep with others and humiliated her on every possible way he could and the girl fell for him in spite of everything- WTF !!! If that's not abuse, then I don't know what is. They both would need some serious mental treatment IMO. And when he finally admitted that he was falling for her too- it felt so fake and to tell you the truth- hilarious.

His behavior made me sick and furious at the same time. I skipped through most of the book, because everything was so raw and out of my league. There were just so many wtf-moments. I don't know, maybe I'm too old-fashioned when it comes to this subject, but I just couldn't relate to it, because the emotions felt too fake. This book is more for fans of dark erotica who don't mind abuse, degradation & humiliation in their relationships, which are usually deal-breakers for me.



  1. Fifty Shades Of Grey...
    Matt Bomer and Alexis Bledel, no second thoughts, that's for sure!!
    Anastasia Steele

    1. Hi Stella,

      Hm...I wouldn't mind those too, especially Alexis Bledel- I think she would be perfect for Ana, but I think I would prefer if they give a chance to somebody totally unknown. I'm all for new sexy faces ;), under the condition that they can act, of course.

  2. But I definitely wouldn't have anything against Henry Cavill *_*, especially after seeing that video!

  3. I can't stand whinny heroines or abusive heroes either and I really don't understand the latest craze surrounding this type of book :0(

    Thanks for visiting the Harem and I'm following back.

    1. Than you'll get alng with our Purple just fine.:)

  4. Matt Bomer has finally responded to rumors that he's a favorite to play Mr.Grey's role.
    Nice Blog
    Thanks for sharing... Keep sharing more
    EL james

    1. Just found out about the official casting- Charley Hunnam & Dakota Johnson.
      Hm...Mixed feelings about those two, especially about the guy, but I'm still excited about the movie!

    2. I'm not so sure about Charlie too. I love him as Jax, but this is completely different role. I hope he can pull it off.

  5. Yeah, I liked this one a lot more than you did. I think what throws off a lot of readers who don't have experience with BDSM is that...well, the thing that feels good and powerful is that you trust the person you are with, so ANYTHING can happen and you will be safe because they will stop as soon as you tell them to. So the erotica that is fun for BDSM ladies involves that danger. Does that make sense? If you're not into that shit at all, books like this must be a freaking nightmare to read.

    Conversely, I hated the Fifty Shades books for a lot of reasons, but primarily because I felt that Christian was incredibly emotionally abusive, and that is a huge turn-off for me. It would be fine in straight erotica, but when it's wrapped up to look like romance I get pretty upset.

    1. Yeah, I agree with you- people who haven't experienced or don't know a lot about BDSM will probably be a little shocked when they read a book with BDSM in it. I know, I was, but that's not the reason I didn't like this book. I read Original Sinners by Tiffany Reisz later and those books have some much more hardcore BDSM scense, but I loved the books, because the writing style and the story is amazing.

      I get why you didn't like FS books. The same reason I didn't like the guy in this book. I think that this book and FS trilogy are just one of those reads which people will either hate or love, because the characters and the story are far from perfect.

    2. @ Kate - Like you, I didn't mind the BDSM itself, but was disturbed by how it was made to look like romance. The idealism of that sort of power dynamic outside of BDSM turned me off from the book. I felt like Ana didn't really know what she was getting herself into, even though she read the contract.

      @Purple Book - With that being said, Mercy wouldn't be my cup of tea either (after reading the blog post). Thank you for writing this review. It's a good place to start a conversation about BDSM. :)

      Ellen @ Glamorous Book Lounge


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