Aug 2, 2013

How To Kill A Rock Star by Tiffanie DeBartolo

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Contemporary Romance/ Music/ New Adult

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Written in her wonderfully honest, edgy, passionate and often hilarious voice, Tiffanie DeBartolo tells the story of Eliza Caelum, a young music journalist, and Paul Hudson, a talented songwriter and lead singer of the band Bananafish. Eliza's reverence for rock is equaled only by Paul's, and the two fall wildly in love. 

When Bananafish is signed by a big corporate label, and Paul is on his way to becoming a major rock star, Eliza must make a heartbreaking decision that leads to Paul's sudden disappearance and a surprise knock-your-socks-off ending.



*I read this book a year ago and it's still one of my favorite reads ever.

When I learned how to fly
I wanted to touch the colors of the bleeding sun
and then I fell from the sky
You never saw me again
not even when I returned
you never noticed my broken heart
or how my wings were burned
But if they tell you they saw me
do a swan dive off that bridge
Remember I’ve always been more afraid to die
than I ever was to live
And on the day I disappear
You’ll all forget I was ever here
I’ll float around from coast to coast
And sing about how you made me a ghost. 

You know you read a great book when you finish reading it and want to write a review, but you feel at loss for words when you want to describe it. That’s exactly how I feel after reading this book and that’s why I’ll try to give you some insight, because I really don’t want you to miss out reading this.

What makes this book so special? Without hesitation I would say the amazing writing style of the author which is so unique, honest and emotional, at times poetic that it truly moves you and makes you feel that you can connect to every word this woman writes.

How to Kill a Rock Star is a beautiful story about love, loss and sacrifice, about finding your place in the world, trying to make your dreams come true while at the same time trying not to lose yourself in the process. It’s deeply connected with music and music industry and the way music can influence on our everyday life.

I imagined the towns were filled with people like me— lonely people who wanted to fly away, who wanted more from life than a dreary existence of one-stop shopping, but either didn’t know what that meant, or didn’t have the guts to go out and find it.

It sounds silly, I know. But for me, the power of music rests in its ability to reach inside and touch the places where the deepest cuts lie. Like a benevolent god, a good song will never let you down. And sometimes, when you’re trying to find your way, one of those gods actually shows up and gives you directions.

Her characters aren't the perfect supermodels with billions in the bank, but ordinary and realistic people who are trying to follow their dreams and succeed in life. They are people with flaws, insecurities and lots of “baggage” from their past which complicates their life even now and sometimes makes them make wrong choices. They are people you can connect to. You’ll find yourself falling for this hot & fucked-up rock star the minute he enters the picture and even more every time he starts talking about his pancreas (don’t ask, just read:). You’ll be swept away by things he’ll do for the main female character, especially by the beautiful songs he’ll write to her.

This book will put you literally through heaven and hell in the way only a book can do that to you, but I promise you, you’ll love every second of it. It's one of the best books I read last year. I recommend it to everyone who can’t live without music and romance, both combined in an epic love story.

I just want to sleep with a clear conscience and wake up with the ability to look at myself in the mirror. I also want my life to be my own. Even if it’s a shitty goddamn life, it’s still mine. 


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