Mar 4, 2013

(Way Too Hot Books Quote!) Rule by Jay Crownover

       This is our  Way Too Hot Books Quote! post - we are going to share steamy, sexy, way too hot quotes from our current or recent reads. Today under our spotlight is tattooed, pierced bad boy Rule who follows no rules what so ever. Enjoy!


"She tugged the denim down over my
ass and I pulled her up so that we were pressed together shoulder to thigh.  I
shrugged the pants the rest of the way off and gave her a little push so that
she fell back onto my rumpled bed.  It took some maneuvering and a few curse
words to get my boots off and when I went to crawl up over her my brain short
circuited because all she had on was barely there lacy panties and dreamy look
on her face.  A lot of girls had been in this bed, in fact last weekend had
been the first time in a long time I had spent the night alone, but even though
I was in a haze of testicle squeezing desire I knew that beyond a shadow of a
doubt that none of them looked like Shaw looked against the dark sheets and
comforter.  She slid an appreciative eye over my naked form, not like she
hadn’t see it before, but somehow now that it was sprawled out on top of her,
the look was more ‘do me’ and less ‘Rule you’re gross’."


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