Feb 6, 2016

REVIEW: Kings Rising (Captive Prince #3) by C.S. Pacat

Genre: Historical/ Fantasy / MM Romance
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Damianos of Akielos has returned.

His identity now revealed, Damen must face his master Prince Laurent as Damianos of Akielos, the man Laurent has sworn to kill.

On the brink of a momentous battle, the future of both their countries hangs in the balance. In the south, Kastor's forces are massing. In the north, the Regent's armies are mobilising for war. Damen's only hope of reclaiming his throne is to fight together with Laurent against their usurpers.

Forced into an uneasy alliance the two princes journey deep into Akielos, where they face their most dangerous opposition yet. But even if the fragile trust they have built survives the revelation of Damen's identity - can it stand against the Regent's final, deadly play for the throne?


"To gain everything and to lose everything in the space of a moment. That is the fate of all princes destined for the throne."

One of the hardest things in the reader's world for me is to say goodbye to one of your favorite series. After *that* cliffhanger I've been impatiently waiting and obsessively stalking the authors updates for around 2 years and now I've read the last page and I...just...can't believe it's the end. I don't want it to end. Let it not end. *puppy-dog eyes* But, as always- all good things have to end at some point and we need to make peace with that fact (but of course my inner mm fangirl we'll never stop keeping my fingers crossed & cheering for the author to continue the series- pretty please.) 

The last installment of Captive Prince trilogy was an action-packed, gripping and suspenseful  page-turner. And the push-and-pull, heartfelt and steamy romance? It kept me awake all night long. I can't say the story wasn't flawless, but to be honest the author had to do smth really shocking to disappoint me. I was that eager and grateful to finally have and read the book.

The things that would have made this book a perfect read for me:
- more Damen and Laurent moments 
- more pages in general
- better done ending with a worthy epilogue

But these flaws aside, this series remains one of my top mm series with one of my favorite mm couples ever. The type of series I'll cherish and  reread many times in the future and that is why I highly recommend it to every mm fan of fantasy books with epic hate-to-love story between two powerful, smoking hot, endearing and unforgettable archenemies!

RATING: 4/5 stars




  1. I've always wanted to read this series! Thanks for the reminder. :D


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