Dec 7, 2015

ARC Review: WINTER'S WONDER (Pine Point, #2) by Allie Boniface


When a bad boy falls for an angel, the sparks could set the coldest season on fire.

Pine Point, Book 2

Pine Point hasn’t changed much in the eight years Zane Andrews has been away. But Zane sure has. These days, this reformed bad boy has no problem resisting the bored housewives who flirt shamelessly with their gated community’s security guard.

The only thorn in his side is the stray dog that keeps overturning the neighborhood’s garbage cans, and the cute, crusading do-gooder who barks at him for trying to chase it off.
Becca Ericksen knows Zane is just doing his job, but his tactics are making her job—to rescue strays and bring them to Pine Point Paws—much harder. Clearly, they have nothing in common, yet when the legendary playboy asks her out, she finds herself saying yes.

With a sizzling kiss, something warm and unexpected begins to grow between them. Opposites can attract, but is attraction enough?

Product Warnings: Contains a bad boy gone good, and a woman who’s one good deed away from disaster. Cold noses and warm kisses—and that’s just from the canines.

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Rating: 2.5 stars.

Reading Winter's Wonder did not go as well as I had hoped. With its main characters being a reformed bad boy and a woman in charge of an animal shelter, many furry cuties, and the story set around Christmas time, the ingredients were there for it be a sweet romance which would make me feel all warm inside, but unfortunately, what I read didn't have much effect on me. The best I can say about Winter's Wonder is that it was an okay story.

As the blurb says it stars a bad boy who's changed his ways and a woman whose selfless work to save as many helpless animals as she can has most people who meet her thinking of her as an angel. The blurb also mentions sparks between them, and enough hotness to set winter on fire. Alas, those sparks eluded me. My summary of the book would be: a man, Zane, met a woman, Becca, and was attracted to her because unlike most women in that town she didn't hit on him. He asked her out. She said yes, because his handsomeness was hard to turn down. They went out on a few dates, had sex, fought a little, made up... And, um, the end. Making Zane feel better for the holidays was a nice touch, so was the rescuing of the animals (although I do think the heroine stupidly put her life at risk), but, overall, this left me feeling underwhelmed.

In conclusion, Winter's Wonder was not the right romance for me, but I wouldn't want to discourage anyone from reading it. We all have different tastes in books, after all.

It's Pine Point book two, but works fine as a standalone.

***ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.***

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    1. Oh, well, it happens... It was okay, but that's it. At least it wasn't a long story. :)


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