Dec 31, 2016

#REVIEW: Behind the Hands That Kill (In the Company of Killers #6) by J.A. Redmerski

Romantic Suspense/ Thriller

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Even professional killers need vacations, but for Victor Faust, his vacation in Venezuela is about more than relaxation and time alone with Izabel Seyfried. It is a chance for him to come clean to Izabel: to tell her the truth about why he sent her to Italy with his brother, the truth behind his interest in Nora Kessler, and about his knowledge of Izabel’s child with her former captor. But before Victor can spill his soul, reality proves that for some killers, vacations are just pipe-dreams.

Attacked and kidnapped, Izabel finds herself stuffed in a suitcase, while Victor later wakes up imprisoned in a cage. In any other situation, Victor would find a way out and save himself and the woman he loves—but not this time. When the identities of their kidnappers are revealed, Victor loses all hope, and begins the mental process of accepting his and Izabel’s last moments together. And Izabel’s final moments of life.

As if his circumstances are not complicated enough, members of Vonnegut’s Order are finally closing in on Victor. And when they do, he comes face-to-face with someone else he once knew and loved, who could either help him, or make a grave situation much worse. Victor’s past has finally caught up with him: the women he has cared for, loved, and killed; the families he has destroyed; the unforgivable crimes he has committed. And now he must face the consequences, and pay the ultimate price for absolution.

But when it is all over, Victor may not have the strength to pick up what is left and move on. Because the event changes him. Because love changed him. And because, unlike before when he thought it is was for the best, he cannot imagine a life without Izabel in it.
"I am a monster in the shadows; the blood of many stains my gnarled hands;
the souls of the innocent are forever caught in my blade-like teeth. So how can this be, that even an ounce of light be given to a monster such as me?"
My biggest fear after I've finished the magnificent previous installment of ItCoK series - The Black Wolf was that the author will turn this one into some kind of melodramatic & soapish love triangle and anyone who's met me knows how much I love love triangles. Or better say despise them. I just can't stand the never ending drama and cheesiness they bring into the stories and I've even given up on some of my beloved series because of this. But this is Redmerski we're talking about, whose last two installments have literally blown my mind, I still can't decide which book do I adore more The Black Wolf #5 or Seeds Of Iniquity #4, so, as they say- the resistance was futile. I just had to know!
And now I finally know... There is no *beep* love triangle, people!!! (Btw. kudos to you, Redmerski  for that.) And yes, I liked this installment for the most part, but there is... ...unfortunatelly a lot of melodrama of different kind which brings me to the biggest problem of this book when it comes to my reading expirience: Just how much mind-fuck is too much mind-fuck??? I know, you never expected me to say this since I always said that dark, edgy, thrilling and provocative mind-fucks are my favorite type of reads and they still are, but here it is. I've said it and I even mean it, lol.
Just how much more can you complicate the story and keep hitting us with this new, shocking twists and at the same time maintain the excitement and the most important the credibility of the story? Well, in my opinion, Redmerski had its up and down moments in this installment, maybe even more of the later ones. But that's just me. As far as I've seen most of the fans think otherwise and I repect that. 

What I loved the most when it comes to this installment is the introduction of the new characters and their background stories. Victor and Izabel annoyed me tremendously. I think it's time for them to step back and give spotlight to other more interesting, bad-ass characters. Or if not- cut out with the melodramatic crap and bring back the old confident and deadly Viktor & Izabel we love and know. That's why my rating for this book is: 3/5 stars.




  1. It's been a long time since I've been to your blog, Purple! I hope you had a great Holidays. :)

    I, too, detest love triangles so I'm glad the author didn't go down that route. Don't know much about this series but they look sexy and dark. ;)

    1. Hi Joy, thanks, hope you had a blast too!:)
      Due to working obligations it's been a long time since I've posted anything in general, so you haven't missed a lot.

  2. Ahhh a love triangle. Yeah the only good one is the short lived one (or non existent one). lol I have book one on my list to try still. One day hopefully :)

    1. I really hope you'll give it a shot!:)


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