May 3, 2016

Spotlight Tour & Giveaway: Defying Destiny (Forsaken Sinners MC Series, #3) By Shelly Morgan

Genre: MC Romance/Suspense 
Publisher: Limitless Publishing 
Date of Publication: April 19, 2016 
Buy The Book: AMAZON

Word Count: around 74K 

Cover Artist: TOJ Publishing Services

Book Description:
Twenty-six-year-old Louie Creighton knows there is something inside him he can’t control…

Ever since he can remember, Louie has had a short fuse. People always said he’d amount to nothing. He wasn’t smart enough to get into college. He wasn’t tough enough to be a Marine. No one believed in him.

No one except his father, Mike Creighton…

Louie’s father always taught him to turn the other cheek. He was a true mentor, teaching him how to be a man in a world of cowards. But when his father is murdered the day after scratching a winning lottery ticket, Louie’s inner monster can’t be contained. He becomes determined to track down the suspect at any cost. All along, he struggles to live by his father’s motto—To find out what you live for, you have to discover what you’d die for. 
Then he meets Harlow McPherson…

Her entire life has been a battle. Harlow grew up in the system, bouncing from one foster home to the next. Most weren’t that bad, but some were hell.

The only comfort was the fact she wasn’t alone. Her twin brother, Hendrix, was always there—until he took his own life years later, abandoning Harlow in a cruel world. Unable to forgive, it’s Louie who reminds her there’s still hope.

When Louie unleashes his inner monster, and Harlow finally faces her demons, will they lose themselves to the darkness, or risk it all Defying Destiny?


Trailing my hand down his face to his stomach, I hear his sharp intake of breath when I touch below his belly button. Not low enough to hit pay dirt, but enough that he knows where this is leading. My heart rate picks up in anticipation and my hand starts to shake with nerves. I haven’t done this since the first and last time that Louie and I had sex—my first and only time—but I need this. I want this.

“What are you doing?” he says, voice raspy from sleep.

“Tell me to stop if you don’t want this, but I need you, Louie. I need to feel you inside me. I need you to make me feel alive again, like I know only you can do,” I say before finally moving my hand down further, touching his hard cock straining against his jeans.

“Fuck, I need to you too, Low, but are you sure? We can wait. After last night—” he starts to say, but I cut him off by grabbing him firmly in my hand.

“I’m done talking, so if you don’t want this, you better stop me now.” I don’t waste any time grabbing the button on his jeans and lowering his zipper, but he catches my hand before I can get any further.

Nerves jump out at me again and I worry that he’s actually going to tell me no, to stop, but my fears are quickly dashed aside when he pushes me onto my back and takes my lips in a rough kiss.

“Fuck, I’ve missed you,” he says between kisses.

Not giving me any time to reply, he leans back in to drink from my lips. And I mean that almost literally. It’s like he’s trying to devour me, starting with my mouth, but you won’t hear me complaining. I’ve missed him so much these last couple years; I can’t believe I even made it an hour without him to at least talk to, let alone have him kissing me, touching me, loving me. The night we shared before I left town was one of the happiest days of my life, but being in his arms now and with his lips on mine, I know that it will soon be overshadowed by better days and memories.

With my head back in the game, and my body screaming at me to move faster to get him naked and inside of me, I reach down to unbutton his jeans, but am pleasantly surprised when I notice they are already unbuttoned. That’s good, because I really didn’t want to waste time fumbling with his button in my haste to get them off of him.

Going for his zipper, I start to lower it when Louie lifts his head slightly and stops my movements with his concerned gaze.

“Are you sure about this, Low? I mean, I can wait—fuck, it might kill me—but we don’t have to do this today. You’ve been through hell, I’m sure I don’t even know the half of it, but last night had to have taken a lot out of you too. So if this isn’t something you want right now, I’m okay with it.”

My heart almost breaks with the compassion and love I hear in his voice. I know he means well, and a part of me loves him even more for thinking of my feelings and what I’ve been through at a time like this, but the rest of me just wants him to fuck me already.

“Louie, I don’t know how to put this lightly, so I’m just going to come out and say it. I want this. I want you. So will you shut up already and just fuck me?” 

About the Author:

Shelly Morgan grew up in a small town in Iowa. She has 2 older sisters and amazing parents. Growing up, she was always a daddy’s girl, hanging out with him in the garage, fishing, and building stuff. She loved to play softball and swimming, but reading, telling stories, and writing were her passion, even at a young age. She took a break from writing for a while, but you could always find her with a book in her hand.

Shelly has three children – two boys and a girl. They are her whole world. Even when she’s having the worst day ever, they brighten up her day and can always put a smile on her face.

A few years ago, Shelly had this story in her head that wouldn’t go away; it would always play over and over. No matter how many times she went through the idea—from beginning to end—the story never faded. So Shelly decided to put it on paper. She never planned to publish it, but when her story was almost done, a friend read it and said that it need to be shared. And that’s what stared Shelly’s writing career.

Shelly loves all genres of books, and even though she started with writing MC Romance, she has a whole book of ideas, so you can expect more from her than just MC, though romance is in her blood.

Shelly currently works part-time, but her ultimate dream is to become a full time author. She wants to be able to spend her days filling pages with stories. To be the reason people find a reason to smile or laugh from lines on a page. Reading a book always allows her to live in someone else’s shoes, even if for a few minutes. She thinks it’s a way to leave her life and troubles behind, so she wants to be able to help others do that as well with her words.

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