Jun 14, 2013

Real Ugly (Hard Rock Roots, #1) by C.M. Stunich


Turner Campbell is an asshole.
I f*cking hate him.
But I can't get enough either.
He sings like an angel and f*cks like a devil.
If I could, I'd run away and never look back because to tell you the truth, I think this man might be the death of me.


Naomi Knox is a bitch.
I can't f*cking stand her.
But I can't stop thinking about her either.
She looks like an angel and plays like a devil.
If I could, I'd f*ck her good and forget all about her, but to tell you the truth, I think this woman might be my last saving grace.



I managed to read about 15% and see if it got any better, but I had to DNF the sh*t out of it. I really can't understand all the 5 and 4 stars. I think I'm eve the first person to give it 1 star so far. Huh? What is here to like???

First chapter and all the girl talking about is how everyone is having drugs, is drunk or vomitting their guts all over the bus or wherever they are on some tour. She's calling the man-whore(supossed hero) an angel on a stage. Then a page later she sees him fuck her band-mate both of them drunk like a dog on tequila. And it was not the first time she found him in the act. The guy took her virginity and he doesn't remember her, and for some other reason too - she hates him, but still calls him "a fucking angel" when he sings. Such a surprise!*note the sarcasm*

The girl is all-around the worst herroine I have ever read about. A complete antihero - all of them actually. She smokes, she a 'man-hater'... Ok, correction, she dislikes everything around her. Acts like everyone is stupid and she's the only one remotely serious about the music there, not like all of the rest, wasting around. Well, yeah, maybe that's a little true. But I blame the author here. What is the point of this 'sex, drugs and rock'n'roll' thing?? It's disgusting! I know it was, and maybe even now still is, a reality. But I had the impression that she wrote it like it was somehow "cool". Wasting a talent rolling in alchohol all day whey you have so much to make a successful career. And most of all good music. Rebeling to society and rules can be cool. This. Is not.

We did get used to characters with tortured and horrible pasts. And even seen some antiheros, but this setting was just plain wrong.

And the main characters - Naomi and Truner. Aside from the flaws I already mentioned, their relationship doesn't make sense to me. I got to the part when the guy starts to get inrigued with her. Apperently, the guy needed someone acting like a frigid bitch to him to get his attention. SUCH a good start of a romance. Spare me, please. I don't know how it goes later and I don't want to find out. Nothing can justify all the mess of this book. And I'm not saying things should be all fluffy, flowers and shit - no. I hate cheesy romance and love intense stories. This was just a wrong way to make a romance. In my opinion of course. Someone else mught like this, and you should try it if it sounds like something you might enjoy. This is only me, breaking out in a little angry rant, but I also have the right to be honest.

I don't know if I make sense or I'm just spilling crap here, but I really felt like this. Or I'm just somehow allergic to this author because I also didn't like her Lossing Me, Finding You book.

Good luck to C.M. Stunich, but my journey with her books obviously ends here.

Until next time,

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