Nov 21, 2016

Review: FALL (Rock Solid #2) by Karina Bliss

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Keep Rage together at all costs...

Powerhouse PA Dimity Graham is off her game. Her career is everything to her and she never lets anything personal mess that up. So how can she explain getting busy between the sheets with Rage's nice-guy drummer Seth Curran? She's supposed to be keeping this band out of trouble, not getting into it.
But before she can put everything back where it belongs, Seth needs her help.

Faking a relationship seemed like a good idea that night, right before they fell into bed together. But standing on New Zealand soil, facing the people he disappointed to pursue his dream, Seth doubts he and Dimity will convince anyone they're hot and crazy for each other. To his surprise, Dimity is working her magic on everyone and they're all convinced this is the real deal. The problem is, he's almost convinced, too.


***MY REVIEW*** 
 Fall is the second book in the Rock Solid series, however it has different main characters than the first book. Nevertheless, I highly recommend Rise as well, simply because it really is such a great novel! Rise was about the rock god Zander, and Fall is about his PA Dimity and band’s drummer, Seth.

On the surface, Dimity and Seth couldn’t be more different. She’s the ice-queen, he’s the nice guy.
This is Dimity:
She shook her head, unable to answer him, unable to imagine anyone loving her enough to make the offer. She wasn’t the kind of woman who inspired forever. It was hard enough living with herself sometimes.
And this is Seth:
Everyone loved Seth. He could transition from playing pool with roadies to discussing economics with financiers – he even loved kids. Dimity had even seen him kiss a dog once.
But their differences are precisely the reason why the fit together so well. Dimity was an amazing protagonist, she’s complex, seemingly cold, focus-driven, ambitious, and sharp-tongued – overall a strong woman and we need more characters like Dimity in contemporary romance novels. Dimity hides her vulnerabilities behind her tough exterior and Seth is the only one who sees the fragile woman underneath. On the other hand – Seth. Oh Seth. Where do I sign up for to get a Seth of my own? He’s the nice guy, with a wild, pagan side which only occasionally gets released, he’s not intimidated by Dimity in the slightest. He teases her mercilessly, he simply gets her. 

The book has friends-to-lovers theme, plus they’re faking a relationship in order to help Seth get his ex back. Yet, the book is not all about relationships drama, which I appreciated, other topics are explored (e.g. Seth’s complicated relationship with his father) and other characters get to share the spotlight as well. For example, Zander has an important role in the novel. He’s Dimity’s boss, but he’s also so much more, he’s her mentor, her constant in life. He too was once, like Dimity is now, married to his career, and now that’s he is moving on in his life, pursuing other interests, Dimity feels lost, doesn’t know to whom to look up to anymore. She’s thrown off her game. Therefore, Dimity’s relationship with herself if also given attention, she realizes which things matter most in life. 

The reason why I love Karina Bliss’s books so much is because of her writing. It’s what distinguishes her from other authors of this genre. She structures her novels well, pays attention to the words she chooses, sentences flow perfectly together. After reading just one chapter, you can tell – this woman can write! And it’s a pure pleasure reading when someone writes this good. Her characters are relatable – even though they’re rock stars! You get the heartache, yet they don’t take themselves too seriously. You get sweet, and you get sexy. I immensely enjoyed Seth and Dimity’s story and I can’t wait to see what Karina Bliss prepares us next!

 *ARC copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.**

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