Feb 27, 2014

Adam's Apple By Liv Morris (Touch Of Tantra, #1)

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Contemporary Romance

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Uniquely told in Adam's point of view. Warning: Contains adult situations intended for readers eighteen and over.

Adam Kingsley reigns as the young prince of Manhattan. Everything he touches turns to gold, making him the envy of Wall Street. Women swoon at his feet, money is no object, and his killer good looks are as wicked as sin. A dangerous trifecta that allows him to possess anything or anyone he desires.

What more could a thirty-two-year-old man wish for? Maybe that his life never changes and his murky past stays far away... Sounds reasonable, yet life seldom is.

Kathryn Delcour is an alluring socialite with unique erotic tastes who helps others find true sexual fulfillment. When she suddenly appears on the New York City social scene, Adam finds this complex woman too tempting to resist. He will stop at nothing to have her, yet she is warned to stay away from him and his player ways. Kathryn tries to keep him at arm's length, but her arms may not be strong enough to hold the charismatic Adam Kingsley at bay.

The passionate lure of ancient sexual practices, a past that isn't content to remain buried and a present filled with intrigue, danger and revenge. An erotic story sweetened with secrets, seduction, and suspense.



***Arc provided via Netgalley in exchange for honest review***

Again, I find myself seduced by the beautiful cover of the book that had potential, but didn't live up to my expectations. These gorgeous covers make me forget that I overgrew these type of stories long time ago. After the first couple of pages of reading I already knew that me and the main character of the story Adam Kingsley won't get along...at all. The main reason for that was that the guy in question is a big rich & famous man slut with every skirt in the town knowing the backside of his limousine. His "little" adventures and attitude annoyed and bored me throughout the whole book. I believe that people can change, but I didn't see any redeemable quality about him. I despise players and guys alike who think that they are God-given and that any woman should be lucky that they even talked to them and he was one of them.

"I take cocky, rich boys like you and teach them how to make love to women until they're barely able to mutter a word. Completely and utterly blissed. That's really what separates the men from the boys, Mr. Kingsley. Sex as an art form versus f**king for a release." - Kathryn.

In comparison to him, the main female character Kathryn was definitely more interesting and bearable. I liked her a lot at first, especially after she set straight our poor rich boy after they first met. She seemed like a strong & confident woman with a strong attitude, but even that image shattered soon enough and I was truly disappointed, but I still think that the author should have written the story from her POV and not Adam's. And the meaning behind tantric sex? Meeh, I'm sorry, but it bore me til' death. I read a lot of  erotic romances with way better sex scenes. This ones were just too plain in a sense: is it over yet?

The writing style was o.k., but the plot of the story wasn't anything spectacular or never seen before. The bottom line is that I expected a lot more from the story, some deeper meaning, but unfortunately, I didn't get it. I believe there will be a lot of readers out there who will enjoy this type of story, but it just wasn't for me.



  1. Thanks for taking the time to read and review my book. Sorry it wasn't for you though.
    Happy reading,

    1. Thank you. Sorry it wasn't for me.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Thank you Aman :).
    I think that the problem is because these Fifty-alike book all seemed the same when it comes to the plot. It feels as if I'm reading the same book all over again. This book has nothing in common with FS Trilogy except that the guy in question is a rich boy, but it was too "fluffy" for my taste and it's hard to like a book when you don't like its main character.

    Thanks for stopping by :)

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